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Korea is a name that refers to two countries. This is because of partition. Partition worked fine for King Solomon (who, you'll recall, only made a proposal that he never had to carry out). It did not work for Korea, nor Germany, Vietnam, or Yemen; and left something to be desired even for the Carolinas and the Dakotas.

Anyway, by Korea, you mean either Good Korea or Bad Korea. In order to deliver you to the correct Uncyclopedia article, please indicate:


Are you from a Western nation, such as the United States, or practicing cultural or economic imperialism? Are you perhaps looking to expand sales for your enterprise, in the business of manufacturing pornography or original automobile parts? If so--


Or are you from a member of the Axis of Evil, a Communist country, a country run by a single family or a personality cult? Are you seeking help destabilizing a democracy or shaking down some foreign aid? Are you in the market for plutonium or perhaps an intercontinental delivery vehicle? Are you in search of women with clearly-defined features (such as ribs) who are available for purchase? If so--

This is a disambiguation page - words should always mean more than one thing, and we're working hard to ensure that each word you look up refers to at least two completely unrelated articles. If an article link referred you here, you should make it to point directly to the article where you think the confused link-maker thought it would point, or go nuts and pick one at random. Just make sure it doesn't point here.
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