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Klay World- Hotdog Job 005 1 0001

A typical day at Klay World. Don't be like this guy.

“It's like a clay heaven.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Klay World
“I live here, dammit.”
~ A typical Klayman on His life at Klay World

Alas, the great Klay World is a sudden new universe created in around 2000. What possible things might you explore in this death-defying place? It all began when Jesus and Satan were having a rock-paper-scissors battle to see who can create a new universe or who can destroy a world. Apparently, Jesus won the game, and thus created a unique world with these unique inhabitants that differ from humans. This world started with a great evolutionary scale from simple clay to Klayman.

Evolution of Klay World's inhabitants

  • Because Klay World is a giant circular table with interesting "geographic" features, we want to give you the relevant detail about the inhabitants of Klay World:
  1. .Simple Klay - Just clay in any random color that resembles a puddle.
  2. .Newborn Klay - Clay that evolved from a simple clay inhabitant that resembles a freeform shape, can imitate simple Klay.
  3. .Small Klay - Clay that just emerged 2 legs, is midget-sized, and can jump.
  4. .Medium Klay - Clay that emerged 2 more legs, which means the clay has 4 legs now.
  5. .Big Klay - Clay that lost 2 of its back legs, increased its size, and has primitive aspects.
  6. .Klayman - The final stage of Klay evolution, talks, eats, jumps, bleeds, does anything.


  • No info needed. It's just a big table with.....a computer and.....stuff.

Life in Klay World

  • Although we've discussed the meaning of simple Klay to Klayman, lets check out our gallery of the different Klaymen, which inhabited here, dicking around.

Klay World Today....

From our humble beginnings at Klay World, Klay World has a present and a future generation. What we have shown you was a gallery of the inhabitants of Klay World from 2004-2008. However, Klay World today is a really busy year [2009], and lots of viewers are asking, "Will we see more Klay action this year?". Probably not. Moreover, Klay World is in an environmental violation knowing for that Grues immigrated here and the demonic spirit of Gumby has possessed the core computer, which controls the geography, the population, and the science of Klay World. Klay world has no intellegence what so ever and is very AWWWWEEEESSSOOOMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS VERY FUNNY AND UNPREDICTABLE AND VERY VERY WEIRD!!!

Where do Klaymen Come From?

Because there is about 1/12 (about 8.333%) of females in Klay World, several people ask, "Where do Klaymen come from?". Personally, this answer is not to be shown on the big picture. That is, until we actually see a subpornographic view of two Klaymen humping to make a new Klayman. We cannot give you the answer to all viewers, including yourself.Klay men are super hilarious unpredictable and stupid

The Core Computer

Because we've mentioned The Core Computer, we are going to tell you this interesting feature of Klay World. The Core Computer is a big computer, accompanied with a computer tower, which controls Klay World and all of its geography. In the future, the Core Computer, introduced to Klay World in 2000, The Core Computer developed a security mechanism that views and records all of the actions in Klay World currently. Unfortunately, The Core Computer is possessed by an evil clay spirit named, "Gumby". As we all know who the fuck Gumby is, he is a mockery of Klaymen since the 1930's or the 1950's, before Klay World was created. His twin partner, Pokey, also joined in with the apocalypse, knowing for that both of them are dead.

Will it End?

Scientists of Klay World (which are a very few from all Klaymen) hypothesize that Klay World would end by a big paper-mache meteorite, which crashes onto Klay World, leaving all Klaymen left for dead. The real story is that Klay World would end by the evil spirit Gumby reigning for at least 100 years, maybe 1000, which sets the entire table of Klay World on fire, killing all Klaymen at once. Some may live, unfortunately.

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