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“This scientist is like my uncle's father.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Kiteretsu
“What the hell is wrong with this kid!!!”
~ Batman on Kiteretsu
“Fuck the world and its piece of shit Grim Reapers”
~ Kiteretsu on Grim Reaper

The unexplored life of the boy who died penniless on the roads of South Korea.

Kiteretsu is the hardcore rock-punk kid who likes to make little objects out of wood in his garage, where there is no car. In fact as legend says, there was once upon a time when a huge Lamborghini Egoista was kept. Unfortunately, Kiteretsu's father employed the Grim Reaper to pull of its parts and now the garage is empty. That gave Kiteretsu space and time to work on his famous book - "How to grow tomatoes".

edit Kiteretsu's robot Korosuke

Kiteretsu never shared the least of his time with his friend-robot Korosuke who unlike him, tried to catch butterflies in the garden. One day he slipped and fell into the dustbin, which when Kiteretsu saw, he put the lid with a cello tape to prevent the robot from escaping. Fortunately, the Grim Reaper was seeing the entire incident. After he freed the robot, they two became the best of friends. Grim and Korosuke made up plans to sabotage Kiteretsu's inventions and spoil his book. But they were only able to spill a huge amount of ink onto "How to grow tomatoes", before Kiteretsu took it hurriedly to the patent office.


Ink-spilled book patented the way it is.

Korosuke also made friends with a cat whose name was Billy and a dog whose name was Mandy. When the Grim Reaper arrived he changed Billy into a boy and Mandy into a girl. Korosuke now had 3 friends. Together they created an army of butterflies which would wage a war against Kiteretsu's family.

edit The Kite-Koro War

The mighty battle began when Kiteretsu's father started watching T.V. Korosuke shouted in front of his ears and Grim swung the scythe all around the garden like a madman. They continued this scheme for 2 hours and when they reached Kiteretsu's room, he had already left with his inventions and book. Thus they lost a mighty war. Grim's note after the war is as follows -

"I wanned ta rip the soul outta that boy in few swings of ma' scythe, but tha' rascal was off befaa' I cud do anythaaa......His book wheaa he ha' tha secrets af tomataas, ar all ganne in vain....Oh haw i wished ta ha' those tasty tomataas....."

edit Kiteretsu's Life

After victory, Kiteretsu lived in a raccoon's cave where he created many designs of dead Korosuke. The raccoon brought him food to eat and Kiteretsu gave him some to eat too. His friends Buta Gorilla, Tongari and Miyoko were working as the P.A. of his teacher's servant, and earning $1,000,000,000, per month. Kiteretsu on the other hand grew his own tomatoes which ultimately proved to be rotten and as a horror note, he realized that the people who bought his books were also growing rotten tomatoes and had to face a city of rotten-tomato-infestation.

He was sad for Korosuke and persuaded his raccoon so that he may leave. But the Grim "badass fella" Reaper had become a local bully now and did not allow him to enter his town. Kiteretsu hit the 'fella' on his shins and the guy started pounding the wall like hell due to the mortal pain suffered by him. Kiteretsu quickly went to his house, picked up Korosuke and left.

Grim's search for his friend went in vain as he was put in jail by the local policeman.

edit Kiteretsu's Death

The only thing that is known is that he went to Korea, selling his inventions to the common public for $1. Some beggars even kicked at him, which he didn't mind. The car which he rode in Korea is the car which became his companion.


The companion car made by "FUCKKK" company.

The car was used to travel all around Korea and ultimately a cat found him lying dead as a 14 year old boy in the back seat of the car.

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