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Ant Tantrum Studios Records, also known simply as "Ant Tantrum", is a recording company that currently produces rapper V.G. Varun's music exclusively. It has produced music by Z-Pane and Burnin' Holz in the past, but the songs received bad ratings. It was founded on March 13, 2008.

Founding and Early Business

On March 13, 2008, Ant Tantrum was created by entrepreneur Vuhroon Ghandi under the name "Angry Birdman Studios". This was changed on January 1, 2011 due to similarities to Angry Birds and Birdman. They first produced songs by Z-Pane and V.G. Varun's first album, Background Tracks. Z-Pane was dropped after two songs due to horrible ratings. Background tracks was experiencing short sales until the song "Down With", which became a best-seller in Luxembourg, Peru, Finland, Saudi Arabia, and India for four months.


Ant Tantrum is headed by Vuhroon Ghandi as CEO, Alec Linuxian as CFO, and Zane Birdhold as COO.


Ant Tantrum produces V.G. Varun's music continuously on cassette tapes, vinyls, and CDs labeled under albums. Online content has been posted illegally containing Ant Tantrum's products, but the company did not react to the piracy. Many online profiles claim to be V.G. Varun, but none of them are really owned by the rapper.


Ant Tantrum produced V.G. Varun's albums in this order: Background Tracks, Anomaly, Color-Brained, and Derailment. Anomaly's best-seller was "Dark", and Color-Brained enjoyed great success with "Leeches and Scream". Derailment's songs all have good ratings thus far compared to Background Tracks and Anomaly. The next album is rumored to be called "El Cheapo", but it is not confirmed by the company. Ant Tantrum only confirmed thus far that the next album will start with the letter "E", following alphabetical order. Derailment paralleled Burnin' Holz's debut song, "Aaaah", but the song received poor ratings.


Ant Tantrum has announced that it will only produce V.G. Varun in the future, possibly also switching to online stores such as iTunes.

Sources: Rapper's Paradise by Jane Shipiro, 2009. Interviews with Alec Linuxian and Vuhroon Ghandi. Independent studies conducted by employees of Ant Tantrum Studios Records.

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