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*[[Burger King]]
*[[Burger King]]
*[[Kerry King]]
*[[Kerry King]]
*[[Larry King]]
*[[Barack Obama|Larry King]]
*[[Martin Luther King]]
*[[Martin Luther King]]
*[[Rodney King]]
*[[Rodney King]]

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This is a disambiguation page. This means my dis am bigger than yours.

Just to further confuse things, sometimes what appears to be a King is actually a Queen.

Daley II, King of Chicago

King Daley II, Benevolent Ruler of Chicago.

A king is a dude, usually with a crown on his head who rules some kind of a land.

The following people are or were King of England:

The following people are named King:

The following people are not named King:

However, a lot of other people are not named King, either. Some of these have separate articles in UNCYCLOPEDIA. The rest do not.

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