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*[[Burger King]]
*[[Burger King]]
*[[Kerry King]]
*[[Kerry King]]
*[[Larry King]]
*[[Barack Obama|Larry King]]
*[[Martin Luther King]]
*[[Martin Luther King]]
*[[Rodney King]]
*[[Rodney King]]

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This is a disambiguation page. This page could refer to anything on the list, or it could refer to Tom Jones. Dr Who knows?

Just to further confuse things, sometimes what appears to be a King is actually a Queen.

Daley II, King of Chicago

King Daley II, Benevolent Ruler of Chicago.

A king is a dude, usually with a crown on his head who rules some kind of a land.

The following people are or were King of England:

The following people are named King:

The following people are not named King:

However, a lot of other people are not named King, either. Some of these have separate articles in UNCYCLOPEDIA. The rest do not.

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