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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Kia.

“Their Korean they don't know the Λ is missing a line.”
~ Muhammad on On KiΛ's incorrect styling of the letter Λ.
“What car should I buy if I won the lottery today?”
~ The K.I.Λ.

K.I.Λ. - The only good cΛr ever made

The K.I.Λ. (Kills In Λction) is the greatest Λutomobile ever made. It is such a great cΛr, that it is the only Λutomotive brand that Uncyclopedia has good things to say about it.

edit History

The K.I.Λ was first designed and manufactured in Vietnam. Its purpose back then was to be a single structure where you could live, work, and drive around in. The idea took off very quickly.

The K.I.Λ. as a dwelling did not last long, though. Within the next four hours, the size of the human being increased so much, there was no longer any room for a single person, let alone a family, to live inside of the K.I.Λ. Still, it has remained to this day the greatest method of transportation every invented.

edit Safety

The K.I.Λ. is the safest car to date. It is stronger than a tank.

Here is The Good News: Λfrican-Λmericans are moving back to the South.

edit Fuel efficiency

If you buy a K.I.Λ. and a $10 gift certificate for gasoline, you will get $10 off your next gasoline purchase.

edit Uses

The K.I.Λ. has many notable uses for which it is worth every dime you pay

edit Λs a cΛr

The K.I.Λ. is a very good cΛr. It is such a good cΛr, it can take you to Mexico, and with it's 77 year warranty, it will never break down.

edit Λs a weapon

The K.I.Λ. has eliminated the need to own a railroad from our society. The government can pave the roads for you! No deposit required!

The K.I.Λ. also comes with a large cannon on the Sedona models' roof.

edit Λs a place to have sex

The K.I.Λ. is the perfect place for insects to have sex. Insects provide food for birds and so they are not pests.

edit For Humans

The cΛr has air con, keeping your testes at the optimum temperature.

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