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They look so happy it pisses me off.

Crazy Drunk Racing Kartrider is a South Korean online multiplayer racing game, developed by Sexon (the same bastards from Maplestory), and the South Koreans. Ever since it happened in Maplestory, Sexon will make the best karts, characters, and paint cash-only. Kartrider on average has 5 active users in the world, all of them in South Korea.

edit Game Modes

Kartrider offers us various unique game modes, most of them stolen from Mario Kart.

The most frustrating and most boringest of them all, 90% of the time you'll bump into the wall. Don't even bother with this shit-fest.
Item Mode 
Pure luck, lame violence, and the most popular of them all, this is most commonly played because everyone loves items! Right? (By the way most of them are stolen from Mario Kart, possibly all, no maybe all, ok all of them are stolen from Mario Kart.)
Flag Mode 
This mode isn't even fucking released in the American version because it sucks so much.
When some 13 year old retard finds himself crashing and constantly blown up, he resorts to this. This just happens to be the most popular mode, and is infamous for making others go berserk, thus making them hack too. Like a chain reaction or something.
Everyone loves to block others, except for the people who don't like to block others. This is not too popular because it'll make people kill you.

edit Characters


Kartrider's population shown here on this graph.

Kartrider offers a small selection of mute retards who dream of becoming the ultimate kartrider. Note that the characters are cel-shaded. This has been known to melt people eyes out. Keep that in mind.

edit Gloves

How do you distinguish a pro from a noob? Gloves. Yes, gloves.

You start from a glove with piss all over it, and once you accumulate enough RP, you get a finger cut off. It goes from 5 fingers, then 4,3,2,1. After that the color changes and the cycle repeats. So a pissed on glove with 5 fingers represents a lowly noob, while a rainbow glove with 1 finger and a star on it represents a mad pro.

edit Criticism

Authoritative sources point out that Kartrider is very similar to the popular Mario Kart series. He commented on the overall "feel" of the game, such as the physics, controls, items, courses, kart design, and just about every fucking thing about it.

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