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Karnivool, circa 2004-2007, looking sane. Ian Kenny is also holding a bunny.

Karnivool are an extreme stoner band from somewhere in Australia. The band is mainly Drew Goddard and Ian Kenny, along with some other junkies.

edit History

edit Early days (1997-1999)

The band was formed by Ian Kenny to complete his bong circle. While completely high, they decided they should form a band. Obviously, the name Karnivool (a goddamn hilarious way of spelling carnival) was thought up during the period when they were baked.

Drew Goddard joined in 1998, just when the guys realised that they had signed themselves up for a show at the Amplifier Bar in Perth while they were high. After freaking out, they bought some instruments and jammed, and thought up five songs. After surprisingly sounding pretty good, the band released their first self titled EP in 1999. They would later regret this, as Ian Kenny later called the EP "shit" and "I would rather forget about it", while Drew pretended it didn't even exist.

edit Persona and Lifelike (2000-2003)

The band recruited Jon Stockman on bass and Ray Hawking on drums after the previous rhythm section suffered brain damage from too much weed (again, no one knows who the hell they were) and released their next EP Persona in 2001. The EP proved to be a success among Australian metalheads and for some reason gained them airplay in Switzerland and Spain (with a lot of favours involved). They toured for all of '02 and released their third EP Lifelike in '03. Since Ian Kenny was pissed off at the rest of the band for trying to question his almightyness, he went and joined Birds of Tokyo out of spite. Birds released two EPs in '04. Again, the rest of the band had no fucking idea what happened due to being high, and spent the next two years sitting in a garage scribbling random things on paper. On the realisation that what they were writing was music, and it was pretty fucking good, they went and apologised to Ian Kenny for whatever the hell they did (they couldn't remember, neither could he) and the band jammed once again.

edit Themata (2004-2007)

Their first album, Themata was released in '05 and made them the 'OMG (insertbandhere) OMG OMG YAYY' band of Australia. They played Big Day Out, Rock It, and even had four (yes, it was good shit) tours - the Themata tour, the Roquefort tour, the Synopsis tour and the Aeons tour, all of which proved to be a great success. Vool were on top of the world, but as with all bands, the dream suddenly shattered at the realisation that they had to write more music. They all freaked out, and Ian Kenny, angry and drug induced, punched Mark Hosking in the face and ran out of the caravanstudio back to Birds of Tokyo. They all cried for awhile, but after more weed they forgot what happened and started writing more music again.

edit Sound Awake (2008-present)

Birds of Tokyo released their first album, Day One in 07. They gained a lot of popularity but somehow didn't get as much exposure as Zack Grail did. Pissed off at his former bandmates, Kenny cracked the whip and Birds of Tokyo released another album, Universes in 08. This got them even more airplay, but still didn't stand up to the impact Themata had made. After a futile final attempt by shooting four music videos, Kenny realised the only way to get back his fame was to rejoin Karnivool. By the time he returned to the caravan studio, the rest of the band had already written another album and needed a vocalist. Mark Hosking attempted at singing on a few tracks, and since they were too lazy to rerecord them, they autotuned the voice slightly to sound more like Kenny (shhh don't tell). They welcomed him back with open arms - the new album is called Sound Awake, and should be released on the 5th of June, if they remember.

edit Trivia

  • Drew played the drums on Themata, because Steve Judd 'hadn't joined yet', or probably actually suffered too much brain damage and so the band had to implant robot arms.
  • The song Roquefort was rerecorded after Themata with a horns section. Kenny still hadn't gotten over his megalomania.
  • A giant squid monster entered the studio during the recording of Lifelike. Ray hit it over the head with a 10" tom but it didn't die. Upon Mark and Drew doing an awesome dual solo the squid travelled back in time. It was believed that John Petrucci (aka Jesus) entered the studio that day to aid Mark and Drew in their solo, but who the hell knows what goes on inside that place.
  • Steve Judd is actually Ray Hawking, but with a beard. Who knows when he will exact his revenge?
  • In Themata, Karnivool have the strange guitar tuning of B F# B G B E, which is standard on the high strings and drop B on the low strings. We earthlings do not know if they are using this tuning for Sound Awake, but rumours say the tuning is something like Ab A K P Z %. The bass tuning is V O O L ! - Jon plays a four string, but invented an invisible string just for the ! tuning.
  • Steve Judd played in Hope Here Gone previous to vool, and Mark Hosking played in Revolucion Street, also previous. These bands accumulated about 5 fans during their time)
  • Mark Hosking sings on Sleeping Satellite, a song they recorded after Themata while Kenny was in Birds. Since Mark sounds suspiciously like Ian, we earthlings suspect that Jon made a portal from a bass solo and stole a song from Kenny then wiped his mind.
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