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United Kingdom : Increase in PV installations expected as future of Feed in Tariff made clear <TendersInfo>(India)]Al Bawaba Ltd.Following an announcement by Ofgem, funding under the Feed in Tariff Scheme for Solar PV technology for schemes of less than 50 KW, is set to remain the same until the end of June 2013.According to Savills Energy, this offers additional time for smaller scale schemes to take advantage of the current rates.Whilst there will be a digression of 3.5% for schemes of over 50kw from the 1st May 2013, the announcement has provided some form of market security.As a result, it is expected that this year will see a significant increase in the level of solar PV installations across the country, with highly competitive installation prices being offered.Giles Hanglin of Savills Energy team in Cambridge comments, With agricultural roof mounted systems of 50 kWh costing anywhere between 52,000 - 62,000 depending on the building structure and roof material, Savills is urging farmers who are considering a solar system to look carefully at the package that is being offered. As always, gaining a number of quotes from different suppliers will enable comparisons to be made which will often show that the cheapest is not always the best."This is particularly the case with Solar PV where there is a great disparity between the quality of the equipment used. Those investing should consider warranties, performance guarantees and insurance, which are key too to providing long term output. It is also important to factor in whether the cost of registering the system, arranging export meters and ongoing monitoring is included in the installation cost.

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