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The KVLY-TV mast is this giant tower in North Dakota. It is the tallest in the world. Just 1 super-tall streaming spike? So tall that it streams to the entire United States? Yes. Hello, and welcome to the Leaning Tower of KVLY-TV.

But Wait! People 50 miles away are seeing corrupted signals like "H3w th bf fungny ad ntt jusstupsid" and "N6b4y c53es". These actually make a decent password: not in the dictionary, mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. As a result, KVLY-TV is a giant password generator, the problem is who is going to be able to memorize them?

Ah... One day in Dakota, I turn on my Television and I see a warning saying "KVLY TV tower is collapsing due to a guy wire damage" and then right after the woman says "damage" my TV screen goes static. Like magic, KVLY is destroyed. Hello, and welcome to the Falling Tower of KVLY-TV.

KVLY-TV sucks. A poor man with no food or water built the tower in a random location in Dakota where there was no TV. The taller it is, the higher the TV and the poorer the signal. A signal normally sent by KVLY-TV is "Nobody cares". 1 mile away, it says "Nob3dy car5s". 10 miles away, it says "Nob3d5 c2r5s". 100 miles away, it says "n6b4y C53E$". 1000 miles away, it is completely unrecognisable, saying "b5fGt Y678g".

The KVLY-TV tower is a horrible, terrible, awful building. Because it's so tall, took so long to build and it sucks when it comes to signals, then why was this turdower built? Guys, what were you thinking? Yeah, we get it, the KVLY-TV tower was definitely made to be a very crappy, pointlessly tall shit tower. It doesn't properly send messages, TV for it simply doesn't work, and the tower itself sucks.

Burj Khalifa collapses, then KVLY-TV wins. ChiefJusticeDS is nothing compared to the absolute shitiness of KVLY-TV. So a small fraction of Dakota is raging so hard that KVLY-TV wikipedia article was deleted. KVLY-TV is the worst company in the world.

So how does they respond? They cut all the guy wires that support the KLVY-TV, then it falls apart. Half of the pieces they bury underneath New Jersey, the other half they burn in Earth's mantle. KXGB-TV, which is much better, rules and takes place of the empty shelf where KVLY-TV once stood.

All people that worked on this tower have been arrested until the end of time. They also have been grassfed, allowed to puke for a while, and eaten by a cow. The KVLY-TV tower is a failed tower from a failing company.

The tower itself is horrible, like a 0.01 star hotel. The signal is so bad that if it offered internet, the speed 1 mile away would be 0.0100101001 yoctobits per second. In fact, KVLY cutted the tower like a tree, causing it to fall over and kill 42 people.

Above the bottom? The signal is still 500 times worse than the streaming end at the top. It says "Nobo4y acres". This is it. This means KVLY-TV is good... Only when you live near it! Voice and video shows discoloration, noise, overloud audio, and corrupted video and audio. At the bottom is what "Nobody cares" looks like 1 light year away.

l0p4d0­­73m4ch0­­53l4ch0­­64l30­­kr4n10­­l31p54n0­­dr1m­­hm3n08r:∞�¨9�ê@`���Ä ����`�D���àE®q�∏�.textºp�r� 0`.dataåê�v@0¿.rdata|�†�x@0@.bss�Æ�∞Ä@¿.idataD�`��Ü@0¿.ndataêÄ��ö@0¿.rsrcàE��Fû@0¿UâÂWVSÉÏ|ãM�ãU�ɢ�t�ɢF�Öí�ÉJ��°HMBâB�ÈÅ�°®LBç]ÿWWâEåçEòPˇu�Ëem«EËSˇu�âEêËZmã}‰«E‰[^ȧãUåâ˚ÉÏ�ãEå)ÀãRTâUÄã@PâEÑ¡¯��∂–ãEÄ�Ø”¡¯��∂¿�Ø¡ç��ô˜ˇ�∂UÄ�Ø—�∂­­k1chl ­­3p1^*­­k05MZê��ˇˇ∏@Ä��∫�¥ Õ!∏�LÕ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode.5yph0­­ph4770$^­­p3r1573r­­4l3k7ry0n­­0p73­­k3ph ll10­­k16kl0­­p3l310­­l46010­­51r410­­b4ph3­­7r464n0­­p73ry60n Yep! That's how bad the signal is.

As a final conclusion, the building sucks.

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