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This is what we call a modern-day Renaissance man.


KRS-One at the Last Supper spitting dope lyrics that the Apostles can get with.

“See that garbage can down the block , you know the one with the banana peels in it, that's hip hop”
~ The daily observations of KRS-One
“Thou shalt not disrespect thy civil rights leaders Colonel Sanders, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Oprah Winfrey, and most importantly KRS-One”
~ A verse from KRS-One in the " Gospel of Hip-Hop "
“Well, that's hip hop. Yawl deal that shit. Bam offered me a warm bed and a hot bowl of soup so yawl get off my ass ”
~ KRS One responding to the Afrika Bambataa accusations

Krishna Hip-Hop Parker ( also known as Kris, the Teacha, and the Blastmaster ) is a world-famous rapper, MC, hip-hopper, musician, DJ, producer, turn tables enthusiast, beat boxer, martial arts black belt possessor, poet, teacher, philosopher, and religious leader. Born somewhere between 10,000 years ago and the time of Jesus, this man has been a major influence on the genre of rap music, or hip-hop, a word KRS has always fiended for. You can thank him for all of the sirens you hear in rap nowadays.

edit Beef with MC shan


Who won this battle? The world may never know....

“How dare Shan say that about hip-hop, KRS-One is hip-hop”
~ KRS in his daily college lecture about hip-hop

Back in the 80s, KRS and fellow rapper MC Shan had a deep rooted rivalry. It started when Shan released a song titled " The Bridge ". KRS claims Shan stated in the song that hip-hop started out in his hood, Queensbridge. KRS knows for a fact the Bronx is where it all started. In fact, KRS invented it all at the Bronx wildlife conservation center, or so he claims. The omniscient KRS felt a need to publicly speak out against the guy and released a follow-up track " The Bridge is Over ". Although the track received critical acclaim, KRS was still shocked Shan could say such a terrible thing. How dare he say that about hip-hop. As if white America truly cared.

edit Hip-hop


The self-proclaimed greatest MC of all time spittin' verses for the intellectual people of the asylum.

Whenever one thinks of KRS, hip-hop is the first thing that comes to mind. This worried some Conservative Christian white people. Recently, he has been advised to check into a local mental asylum, doing time in the mental ward as a result. Many people feel this treatment is unjust, but Christian religious leaders at Fox News view the rapper as " a threat to the Bible ", as the MC publicly stated his intentions of turning hip-hop into a religion, as seen in his book, " The Gospel of Hip-Hop ", and he even built hip-hop its own temple.

edit Temple of Hip-Hop

That's right, KRS-One is an architect as well. Carrying on the legacy of God and Solomon, he built the temple in 7 days and 7 nights. KRS preached to a large crowd of 5 at a local Church's chicken that this temple is dedicated to rap and hip-hop and most importantly himself, the blastmaster KRS One. Inside the temple, there is a large stone statue of KRS to worship. Also, his signature "Gospel of Hip-Hop" is held on display with the " lights of God " shining upon it. By the way, the " lights of God " are actually just light shining from multiple standard flashlights. The " Gospel of Hip Hop " in reality is the Bible with KRS One's signature on it. Still, give respect where respect is due. Hell, regular visitiors of the Temple claim to see an occasional Tupac sighting, though it has never been confirmed by the Blastmaster himself.

edit Emceeing

KRS is known for his rather unorthodox definition of MC or Emcee- to move a crowd. This definition is very broad, taken into account making a crowd get up from their seats and leave the concert is still considered " moving a crowd ". Emceeing is a core element of hip hop says KRS, and goes along quite well with other elements of the genre and culture, such as break dancing, Deejaying, graffiti art and even fried pop tarts. Don't ask about the pop tarts, however.

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