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<span style="color:brown">Time's up.</span>
<span style="color:brown">Time's up.</span>
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Just A Minute is a popular BBC radio panel game, where contestants must avoid repeating themselves, hestitating or deviating from subjects given for one minute so it's vitally important those playing keep their eye on what has previously been said to ensure not covering additionally something they have already iterated; by doing this, participants will quickly discover adversities associated with such monumental tasks. Many take a strategic approach, rattling off long lists, thus ensuring time gets used more rapidly, like creating some comprehensive catalogue concerning common Just A Minute topics (restating an assigned issue isn't forbidden) viz:

edit BUZZZZZ!!!

Deviation. Kitten huffing isn't a common topic on just a minute, it's merely what we talk about at the pub afterwards.

Challenge upheld. Remaining time to our interruptor on Just a minute

Just a minute was invented by Ian Messiter in the 1960s. This was based on a light-hearted game his father would play with him to cure his stutter, whereby he was made to talk for a minute and then got beaten with a stick when he paused.

When Messiter first suggested.

edit BUZZZZ!!!


That was a new paragraph!

You shouldn't have indented then.

Challenge upheld. Remaining time to our interruptor on Just a minute

Some people try to cheat at just a minute by reeeeeeealllly elongating their words so that they talk for a loooooooooooooong time without saying anything all. Sooooooooooooo, what can we do about such fffffflagrant gamesmanship? Weeeeeeellllll.

edit BUZZZZZ!!!

Repetition of long words.

edit BUZ!!!

Repetition of BUZZZZZ!!! Spell it differently next time.

edit BEEP!!!

Repetition of "repetition".

edit PING!!!

You just repeated it youself.

Challenge upheld

Ha! Up yours!

edit KAZOWWWW!!!


Challenge upheld. Remaining time to our interruptor on Just a minute


Time's up.

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