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Some people try to justify this, saying "It's not junk Food cuz it has broccoli"

Junk food is a term used to classify food with low nutritional value and high calories and fat. The term usually applies to things like Potato chips, Stir-fry, and itty bitty preservative shrimps found in Cup O Noodles. Even though these foods are labeled as "junk," these foods can be mixed with just about anything else to be justified as healthy. However, people who are not considered “hip”, or are considered old, worry about the negative health effects which leads to public health awareness campaigns, and laws limiting the extent of how these foods are used to fulfill the fetishes of Fat kids.

edit Origin of the term

The term junk food originated in 1914, when Einstein used it during his time as a director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute. The term caught on and picked up to the place it is now, up his ass.

edit Popularity and appeal

Junk food is known to be extremely popular in America, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and just about anywhere except Canada, making it an integral part of modern society. In the US, fast food is so popular, that due to Supply and demand it has boosted the purchase rates of Minivans and SUVs.

Junk food is so popular in America that it celebrates an annual National Junk Food Day on July 21, which usually lasts anywhere from one week to a month (depending on how fast toilets are unclogged).

edit Health effects

Many people on news shows and other various media sources have made claims about Junk food having an effect on the obesity rates in America. According to a survey by FoxNews, the cause of roughly only 20% of overweight viewers’ weight was linked to junk food. The other 80% or so just claimed they had “Big bones”. However, we feel the information appears to be skewed as a survey on overweight viewers conducted by Washington post reports that Junk food was involved in 83% of overweight cases, with 12% claiming “Big bones” and the remaining 5% not answering.

edit Anti-junk food measures

There have been a surprising amount of Anti-Junk Food measures taken in America. This includes decreases in Twinky populations, Vegetarians, Crossfit, Self- induced Vomit, Vegetarians, Standards set by the media, Previous weight loss by Oprah, Low calorie school meals, and Vegetarians. Though these measures were not taken by the government, the people around us have the biggest influence.

edit Advertising restriction

The only laws about junk food that anyone cares about are Advertising Restrictions. Advertising restriction laws have been used in many countries in an attempt to contain the Junk food outbreak. Neither the junk food nor the citizens of America seemed to notice or care, but people in Australia complained about Junk food ads during cricket games.

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