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John W. Henry

The first of several John Henries (or Johns Henry).

John Henry could refer to the following people, or thing:

  • The owner of the Boston Red Sox (pictured). A previous owner sold Babe Ruth's contract and plowed the lucre into a Broadway play, invoking a curse that kept the Red Sox out of the World Series for 83 years and two World Wars. This owner didn't do that, and his stake in Liverpool F.C., the Boston Globe, and a 70-foot yacht is neither here nor there.
  • The apocryphal laborer who drove the final stake into a railroad tie, near Promontory, Utah to complete what Barack Obama would later refer to as the Intercontinental Railroad (not pictured; no one brought cameras out into the desert, nor least of all gathered the smelly workers together for group shots).
  • In North Dallas Forty, the name the Mac Davis character gave to his penis (not pictured either).
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