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John is a very common (and boring) first name indeed! However, it mostly refers to:

As well as that, here is a small portion of people named John:

John Aaron
John AdamsJohn Belushi
John Bodkin AdamsJohn Boehner
John BonhamJohn Boy and BillyJohn Brown
John BunnellJohn Cage
John Caldwell CalhounJohn Candy
John CarmackJohn CarpenterJohn Cleese
John ConnorJohn Conyers
John D. RockefellerJohn DeaconJohn Deighton
John DiefenbakerJohn DoeJohn Edwards
John ElwayJohn Entwistle
John F. Kennedy assassination
John Fante
John FruscianteJohn GaltJohn Gay
John GrishamJohn HammJohn Hancock Center
John HickJohn HodgmanJohn Howard
John JacobJohn Joseph Caldwell AbbottJohn Kasich
John KeatsJohn Kerry
John KeyJohn Lee Hooker
John LennonJohn Leslie
John LockeJohn Madden
John MajorJohn MalkovichJohn Mark Karr
John McClaneJohn Mellencamp
John MiltonJohn Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich
John MorganJohn Myung
John NormanJohn Paul Jones
John PetrucciJohn Prescott
John Q. PublicJohn R. Bolton
John RedwoodJohn Ritter
John SchererJohn Scherer/Outrage!
John Scherer/Outrage!/ResponseJohn Scherer: Genesis of a LawsuitJohn Scherer (Honest Businessman)
John Seigenthaler Sr.
John Seigenthaler Sr. (Soviet spy)
John SheppardJohn Sparrow David Thompson
John StaglianoJohn StamosJohn Steinbeck
John Stuart MillJohn Tesh
John TravoltaJohn Turner
John ValbyJohn Wayne
John Wilkes BoothJohn Williams
John WooJohn Zorn
John Zorn presents Famous Great Jews
Johnnie CochranJohnny
Johnny BorrellJohnny Depp
Johnny EnglishJohnny Foreigner
Johnny OlsonJohnny Rockets
Johnny RockettJohnny Rotten
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