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Not to be confused with the British plagiarist David Rose

Johann Hari
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Johann Hari
Born 21 January 1979 (1979-01-21) (age 38)
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Alma mater Sodham College, Oxford
Occupation Writer and Journalist
Religion Catholic

“It was young Johann who first took me to Mass, after that Catholicism was my only love.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hari

Johann Edmund Campion Hari (born 21 January 1979) is a Dutch writer and former journalist for The Grauniad and The Daily Mail. In 2011, he was suspended from The Daily Mail after revealing the extent of plagiarism at that newspaper and many others of the left. His stinging criticism of widespread heterophobia led to him being stripped of his 2008 Hari Prize and later left the The Daily Mail in ignominy. Hari is believed to be writing a book on Christian apologetics with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in Vatican City.

edit Early life

Hari was born in Rotterdam and abandoned in London at the age of one. He grew up in London's infamous street urchin commune before he was abducted by a well-meaning homosexual couple. Being affluent, they sent him to the famous literature school, P.G. Wodehouse College. He read Immoral Theology at Sodham College, Oxford, and left in 2001 with a double first.

edit Career

In 2000 he was completely overlooked by The Times for the Student News Journalist of the Year award despite his tireless journalism for the Oxford student newspaper, The Styx. After university, he took up an apprenticeship with The Grauniad, a notoriously partisan but impeccably edited daily, with the hope of learning more about the degenerate establishment through its mouthpiece.

Disallusioned with the extreme conservatism of The Grauniad, Hari joined the well-regarded, centre-right Daily Mail and was highly influenced by the moderate Melanie Phillips. In 2009, the famously liberal, Daily Telegraph dubbed Hari Homophobe of the Year.

edit Personal views

Hari has declared his antipathy to Environmentalism and socialism. He is a well known heterosexual rights activist, critic of secularism and ardent Catholic.

edit Journalistic notoriety

Aghast at the widespread plagiarism and the puerile Wikipedia 'sock-puppetry' of British journalists, Hari, together with a coalition of other right-wing journalists, established, and named with all humility, the Hari Prize for journalistic integrity. His left-wing critics suggested that this egotistical scheme was borne out of a perceived lack of recognition.

In 2007 Hari had gained notoriety in writing a powerful criticism of the Labour Party and its plan to ban opposite-sex marriage and adoption, enforce the compulsory donation of eggs and sperm, by non-conformist straights to gay couples, and introduce a female national surrogacy service, whereby all women had to bear at least one child for a gay couple.

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