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Jermaine Jackson nail chewing on his future.

“Can anyone give me an update on my brother's weirdness index?”
~ Jermaine Jackson
“I am the prettiest in the family - and I am including my roadkill sisters”
~ Jermaine Jackson
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Jermaine Jackson (born December 11, 1954, reborn as Mohammad Abdul Aziz in 1989) is a former American singer who now works as First Cheerleader in charge of the Michael Jackson cult on behalf of his late brother. Once a rival to Michael and considered a lot better looking, Jermaine's career left the road and ended up in a ditch of nostalgia when he failed to move on.

edit Early life


They were once so close. Even their afros were on a first name basis.

Jermaine Jackson was born in a poor family with Andrew Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and about 8 other non-famous kids. He joined The Jackson 5 but Michael Jackson got all the credit. This made him furious and he decided to quit the group. His dad Joseph said if he does he's getting a beating of a lifetime so he just started a solo career. Jermaine's three hit albums, Jermaine, Goodbye Baby and I Hate the Jackson 5 were at 2, 5 and 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart respectivaly. However, Joseph knew he wouldn't get any money so he forced MJ to start a solo career. But Michael Jackson, his brother stole the fame. Jermaine made 2 hit albums after that along with 5 others.


Jermaine Jackson and some of his songs. This was the last time Jermaine thought he could beat his brother (legally).

The hit albums were Jermaine (Starting My Life All Over) and I Hate Michael Jackson (the sequel to I Hate the Jackson 5). So he decided to continue because they were both at number one. MJ's were all at number one. But Janet Jackson stole the fame again with her albums Janet Jackson and Nightmare Street. So Jermaine committed metaphorical suicide.

However in 1974 he joined the Jackson 5 to make the album Dancing Machine, a number one hit on Billboard. So they made a new album called Moving Violence. However, when they took the shot for they album cover, they ran over Michael Jackson. The album didn't even chart. So The Jackson 5 decided to go to Epic instead of Motown but Jermaine said he wanted to stay on Motown to get away from them. So they named themselves The Jacksons and their first two albums, The Jacksons and Hey Girl, Don't Leave Me were didn't chart. They begged Jermaine to return but he said no, so they hired their little brother Randy Jackson. They're next album Our Destiny to Get Revenge on Jermaine was a number 1 hit. So was their next album, Triumph over Jermaine. Jermaine decided to join the group because his albums Jermaine Returns, I Need This Album to Chart and Desperate didn't chart. They're album was called Victory - We Won.

edit Conversion

In 1989 Jermaine Jackson came out as a muslim and changed his name to Mohammad Abdul Aziz, a well known Arab singer/poet who had once lived in Old Baghdad and had been a close friend of Sinbad. Jermaine's conversion alarmed his family and his record sales hit the floor. Other converts like Mohammed Ali and Yusuf Islam (formerly Catsup Stevens) encouraged him to make Islamic Music to bring more people to their faith but Jermaine pulled back from that step. Jermaine insists he is a muslim but wants his fans to remember him and so insists in using his old name when in America - and to help avoiding a full body search and shakedown when going through USA customs.

edit Later Life

He then made an album called Let Me in Your Arms but it didn't chart because of Janet Jackson's album Control. So he just stayed with the Jacksons. But MJ said since he had more than 99 billion dollars he doesn't need them. And they're brother Marlon Jackson quit for a solo career, but it didn't chart and he quit the music buis. It was just Tito, Jackie, Randy and Jermaine. They're next album, Jacksons Forever got a -49 on the Billboard Hot 100. The only album in music history to get a minus rank. So they just split up forever. Jermaine then made his last album called Jacksons Never. It ranked 97, but he said he was too old to sing anyway so he quit the music business too.

edit Present

Jermaine currently lives in his big house. His other brothers live in a 1-storey house. He lives with his wife Jo. She's crazy and Jermaine said on a interview in Febuary that she forced him to marry her. He is currently on a tour with the Jacksons except MJ, of course who sadly died and Marlon quit the music business. So it's just him and the other three poor brothers. I think one of them is Frito? Oh yeah Tito. And Jackie and Randy.

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