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Janjaweed on horseback

These horseman smoke Janjaweed to fit in.

Janjaweed is a hallucinatory drug primarily grown in western Sudan. Janjaweed is similar to Pol Pot in its potency and is much sought after as an Islam-friendly substitute for other banned drugs. The Sudanese government has received flak recently for subsidizing struggling Janjaweed farmers by providing monetary and supply aid, notably with shipments of Vitamins A and K-47.

edit History

The Islamic world has long seen drugs as sinful stains upon society, and though in many cases the use and transfer of drugs has gone unhindered, many governments have cracked down with lethality upon drug users and traffickers. But in Sudan, the urge to find an alternative to the more widely condemned drugs drove the government to find a new alternative drug which would not carry any of the previous bad history. Breakthrough was achieved in 2003, when the first Janjaweed was grown and planted throughout the Darfur region of Sudan.

The addictive drug quickly caught on, and spread in use to the neighboring nations of Chad and the Central African Republic. Both nations have attempted to curtail the drug use, but with great difficulty.

edit Controversy

Janjaweed is one of the most deadly drugs in the world, with an average of 273 fatalities daily. The United States and other western nations have attempted to get the United Nations to deal with the problem, but as many nation's representatives were found to be smoking Janjaweed themselves, the problem has gone unaddressed.

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