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When the disembodied face of James Bevel was discovered in this iconic photo of the Civil Rights Movement shortly after his death in 2008 (he died laughing!!) people in the dozens were amazed. Since Bevel initiated and ran both the Selma Movement and its defining event - the Selma to Montgomery March - finding his face looking down and directly along the line of marchers only after he had died was very creepy. Since nobody noticed his cloud-face there until he died, Ghost hunters were consulted. They fled on foot. A couple of Mediums and an overworked exorcist eating ice cream cones dropped them where they stood and escaped as soon as the picture was shown to them. Those with axes to grind ground them, then ran out the nearest exit. Because of Bevel's connection to the march this may be one of the most interesting pareidolias on record, brought to you exclusively on Uncyclopedia.

Some more interesting things in the picture: look at the priest checking out and choking the chick in the second row. They can never get enough. And why is that white guy with the flag down the back of his shirt grabbing at the pre-teen in front of him - wait just a minute there, buster (see caption above, you can use these two perverts to find the face)!

James Bevel's face can be found in-between the dots on the smaller picture, which is then magically made larger in the larger photograph (you may have to scan over to the right). It floats like a goblin, and his bald head, beard, eyes, nose, mustache, and other facial stuff can be easily recognized by those who never knew him. He even seems to be wearing the Jewish cap he wore during his movements. Bevel's eyes in the photo are closed as if asleep, meditating, or getting marcher's dust in them. See if you can find it!! And when you do, screaming or gulping is allowed, although going all bug-eyed and trying to point but shaking so much that you just knock over your coffee is preferable, since it gives other people in the room something to talk about.

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