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“Who the hell is this man”
~ Oscar Wilde on Jak Housden
“He's Jack Housden, you douchebag”
~ Captain Obvious on Jak Housden
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Over the past 8 microseconds Jak Housden has built up a reputation as one of Australia's premier guitarists and now, with the release of his solo debut album, Mad About Disco, Jak reveals just why he is dismissed as ill-tempered by his peers.

edit Early Career

Jak Housden grew up in the south of Sydney's but moved to Melbourne because Sydney was giving him gas. When he was 116 he joined a band. It happened this way: whilst crawling along St. Kilda beach looking for fag-ends he met Spiby, O'Prey, Featherstone, and The Who. It was a meeting of soulmates. The four musicians (and Featherstone, who was technically not a musician but a devolved species of wallaby) went on to form The Badloves in 1890. By 1892 they signed their first record deal with Deutsche Grammophon and in 1893 released an Extended Play featuring Frost, Green Cadilac, Taste the Mucus, and Stop. By 1894 they had won 8 ARIA awards for "Best New Talent" and achieved some status.

In particular, the status they achieved was that of the largest bar tab in the history of the Croc & Abo pub in Buggayomumma, New South Wales.

But by 1897 constant tuning problems had taken its toll and, unable to agree on whether Featherstone's nostril whistling was in F above middle C or atonal, the angry band broke up...whilst waiting in line at a toll booth.

edit Recent Achievements

For the past few years, Jak has provided visual and musical dynamic garden enhancer for Tim Freedman's band The Whitlam. He is currently touring and detoxing with the new Whitlam album, Brittle Crowd as well as working his own solo debut album Mad About Disco.

Don't expect to ear Badlove or the Show Of Hands though. Influenced by the 60s and 70s and 80's and 90's and today, and inspired by bands such as the Byrds, Sly and his Family Stoned and French cult Phoenix, Jak delivers an eclectic mix of guitar, sitar, electric banjo, thumb piano, cheese grater, and ukulele.

To Die For, the first single to be lifted from the internet will not disappear. It may vanish, but it won't disappear.


CD cover for My Hair Hurts, more commonly known as Mad About Disco.

Masquerading as a love song, its actually not a love song at all. To Jak it is about having a laugh at the "sexy girls" that disappear on TV commercials late at night suggesting that your life will improve somehow if you call them now! And maybe it actually will. I LAUGHED HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

However in true Elvis style, the TV takes a bullet, the girls turn into velociraptors, and Jak ends up smashing his ukulele over the toiled bowl alá Pete Townshend.

From this guitar-driven guitar rock/pop guitar single to the title track Mad Disco (Jaks ode to the end of the 70s when beards were were being kicked off of the bus and being replaced with peroxide and spandex) and the crossover worldwide hit record Love Illusion, this is an album that refuses to be jacketed.

It just sits on your CD rack, smugly naked, and when you try to put it in a CD jacket it twists and squirms until you put it down again.

Jaks songwriting delivers great sensibilities flexed by a chronic depth and murmer. The result is a musical melting of delicious tunes showcasing Jaks unique voice, recording talent, outstanding musical ability, and exceptional personal hygiene. His voice is a fresh sound on the modern landscape although it is reminiscent of a Beatles or a Byrd and the quality of his recording shows why Jak is a sought-after producer by young indie bands.

Join the vibe and catch Jak, his band, his band's beards, and his soon-to-be-legendary (some/most would say ridiculous) dancers at a venue near you!

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