Jagermeister bottle
Type Licker
Alcohol by volume 35.0%
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Country of origin Polemany
Introduced by James May

Jägermeister is a 35% drink from Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

~ Bob Geldof on Jagermeister. Literally.
~ Captain Obvious on Jagermeister
“MUUUMMM The Toilet broke”
~ that guy on after a bottle of jagermeister

In the United States, it became popular through the wild partying of heavy metal bands like AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Pantera and Fuckyourdoguptheassit'strue. Jägermeister is the tour sponsor of numerous underground rock bands such as Chimaira, GWAR, Dope, Hemlock, Orange Goblin, Bloodhound Gang, SikTh, My Ruin, Corrupt Absolute and it also sponsors the biannual Jägermeister Music Tour. (Have you noticed how most bands became shit/more shit once they drunk Jagermeister? No, me neither.)


Pour into shot glass. Drink. Repeat til on floor.


Jagermeister is said to have been discovered by the Nazis during a project to develop a replacement fuel to diesel during the oil shortages resulting from blockades during the war in a secret location somewhere in Poland.

It was during the development of Jagermeister in a secret location in Poland that the chemical Magnatek 453 is said to have been discovered, many other mishaps during the development of Jagermeister led to the discovery of chemicals now used for purposes such as vitrification, vulcanisation, pest control, suicide and industrial cleaning. Some of the harshest chemical discoveries were secret until 1994.2 when a chamber underneath a small house in Poland revealed a script and description of the processes performed at the plant which one stood on the site these chemicals went primarily into the reconstituted meat industries.


Pour into lid of bottle. Pour one can of Red Bull into a pint glass. Drop the lid in. Get wasted. MultiServeJager

Where multiple jägerbombs have been ordered, it is common to serve them in such a fashion whereby glasses of Red Bull are lined up with an empty glass at one end. The shots of Jägermeister are then balanced on the lips of the glasses, and then starting from the its well gud you can ask for any cd if any library in the cuntry has it they will send it (Schwartz, E 2008) empty-glass end, the shots are consecutively knocked into the glasses. This may be done one-by-one, or, should the bartender have positioned the shot glasses close enough together, the first shot glass to be knocked may knock the subsequent shot glass in as it falls, which in turn knocks the third and so on to create a domino effect. This type of practice is common in the preparation of many cocktails where some degree of theatre is used to create a spectacle and mass drunkardness.

To jagerEdit

(jaggering; past: jaggered; past participle: jaggered)
Anglicised verb form of the word Jäger, which describes the art of communication between minds by some non-technological means other than sensory perception and copious amounts of Jägermeister.