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Jack turnip!!!

A time travelling duck from the 87th century who originally came back in time to prevent world war III but was unable to because the time travel followed Bill and Ted/ Twelve Monkeys time travel rules so his attempts to prevent WW III were already part of history even before he went back in time and since WW III happened all his attempt were predestined to fail.

edit Companions


The Banana of oceania!!!

He sometimes travels with a furry killer bunny cyborg which kills people like the rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He sometimes comes back in time to have barbies with The Banana of oceania who is a giant australian banana who wears a hat with corks and drink fosters.

edit Time Machine


Time machine!!!

Jack Turnips time machine looks like the A-team van and was originally powered by trumpet soup but later upgraded it to sausages and jellyfish trunks because they are more readily available by planting a magic turnip in the ground and climing the magic turnip stalk up to a cloud where a giant sells sausages and jellyfish trunks. I f his time machine becomes broken Jack Turnip from the future will appear and help Present Jack Turnip repair the time machine and when the time machine is repaired he will use it to go back in time and help himself repair the time machine.

edit Death


Giant mutant carrot!!!

Jack Turnip was or should hat be will be trampelled to death by a giant mutant carrot when he travelled back to 2003. Jack Turnip knows the circumstances of his death because it is already a historical event in the 87th century where he comes from but cannot do anything to prevent it. After his death his furry bunny cyborg vowes revenge on all carrots and had them set in jelly and fired into the sun

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