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iPod Nano 200Gb Insturctions

September 23, 2005


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Wow 200gb of music on your Nano Battery life is a bit reduced however.


Here is our finished product. Beautiful, isn't it?

IPodHD 012A

IPodHD 011a

Now you have 200gb of storage space, fill it up with songs! We found in our benchmarking results that the addition of the ATA hard drive adversely affected battery life. However, we believe that this is a small price to pay for an over 50x increase in storage capacity. Using Apple's own bitrate calculations, we can now store over 150,000 minutes of music! You'll never listen to the same song twice. This is such a great advantage over the original model that we urge all iPod Nano owners to upgrade immediately.

Ipod battery life

Some of the thinner iPod Nano cases may not fit after this mod, so please check your sizes before ordering a new case for your freshly enhanced Nano.

iPod Nano retail: 89mm by 41mm by 7mm

Modded iPod Nano: 147mm by 101mm by 26mm thin (Impossibly small!)

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