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“I play hide and seek with Invisible Stone”
~ George Bush on what he does in his spare time

Discovered in the late 1980's, Invisible stones have intrigued and mystified man for almost 20 years. Highly unstable in their visible form, these mysterious objects have many myths and legends associated with them.

edit Myths and legends

Arizona crater

The first photo of an invisible stone.

edit The alien myth

“This would look like nice with my collection of other alien things at Area 51”
~ A scientist on Invisible rocks

Upon first discovering the invisible stones, man first thought that they were alien artifacts from a distant world. Many of the drunken hillbillies important, highly respected scientists that discovered the stone said that though they appeared alien, they were just invisible to the naked eye and shiny, cause y'all know we likes that stuff

edit The legend

Someone once said they walked into an invisible wall. Most people told them they were crazy. Others said they had their eyes closed. But a small, determined few said that they walked into a phenomenon only know as an Invisible stone, coming from a world unlike our own. These people were promptly hung for blasphemy, but it's the thought that counts.

edit The you've got to be kidding me myth

The most widely accepted theory about the stones (though its entirely a myth) is that people who see these stones are linked to those who see dead people. Of course that just crazy, but people believe it.

edit The truth?

“They are just stones that we cannot see”
~ Science on Invisible stones

edit It's all about Location, Location

Let's face it, the places that have the stones, have the tourists. But finding these marvels of nature is no easy task. That's why hundreds of people everyday are sent out searching for these wonderful objects. If you are unemployed, the following may help you out.

edit USA

In the USA, the stones may be found in all major states (51 to be exact), though most mining takes place in;

  • Alaska(apparently they're easier to find in snow... go figure)
  • Hawaii(mainly in Waikiki, but only if you can find one of the 52 ABC stores)
  • Along side the road of Route 66

edit Canada

Anywhere you can find snow or maple syrup

edit Australia

  • Coober Peedy (at first they thought they were opals.
  • Uluru (that big rock thing, most commonly known as Ayers Rock). Perhaps the most famous example of an invisible rock turned visible by ancient arts.
  • Sydney's freeways, where traffic jams caused by people ramming into them seems to be a common occurrence.

edit Collections


A proud family collection of invisible stones

Many museums and stone display places will have at least a small collection of invisible stones, however the most famous collection (though not technically a museum) can be found at hanging rock in Australia where someone people died when an invisible rock came and pushed them off a cliff. The invisible rocks are now safely behind glass cages and can be viewed by all.

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