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Pirate Landlubber Equivalent
Ahoy, me hearty! Hello, my friend.
Aye Yes, I agree with everything you just said or did.
Aye, aye! I shall do as you say. / Orders received.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Bartender, I would like a prostitute and a Malibu with Coke.

or My, what an invigorating latte! (Depends on the context)

Walk the plank Go kill yourself in a wooden plank related fashion
The high seas be fearsome tonight, me maties! My goodness, the traffic is lousy this time of day!
Wind in yer sails! Let's get going, or else we'll be late.
Dead men tell no tales... Leave no one alive who can report us to the law.
Shiver me timbers! No way!
Bilge Rat Illegal immigrant
Scurvy Vitamin C Deficiency
Scurvy Dog Prostitute
or illegal immigrant (depends on who you're talking too)
Run out the sweeps, ye scurvy dogs! Rake my leaves, you illegal immigrants!
I be looking for me buried treasure. Excuse me, could you give me directions to the nearest ATM?
A mighty fine sea shanty, m'lads MP3's, anyone? (landlubbers want to be pirates too!)
Avast! I recommend scanning your PC for viruses.
Blow me down! Blow me, down.
I be sending you straight to Davey Jones' locker! The English chap from the Monkees needs his gym bag. Would you please retrieve it?
The X marks the spot of the booty of legend, lads! Per Mapquest, the gentleman's club is 6.5 miles west of this intersection.
Why, if it ain't me old landlubber cousin o' the gentler bidding. Although we are blood relatives, I'd like to get into your non-seafaring pants.
Vicious treehugger, I'm afear'd o' ye dirty schemes! Radical environmentalists are scary.
Yar-Har' Me Hearties! Ha ha! I'm not paying for sex.
Will ye scoot the jowls o' the olde scanty hamlet? Would you like fries with that?
If there be a mutiny, I'll be shootin' seamen all over the ship. You're having a party? Sure, I'll come.
International Talk Like A Landlubber Day Worldwide Speak Like A Person Who Is Not A Pirate Day
Arrrr/Yarr!* Not translatable, many unsuccessful attempts include:
"Aloha" "Hi there" "Okay" "Alright" "Understood" "Of course" "Awesome" "Hmm", depending on context.

*Not accurate translation. Use with Caution.

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