International Date Line

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International Date Line

The International Date Line is a dividing line made up of Date Palms on the surface of the Earth, located generally along the third degree of longitude.

It is the dividing line between yesterday and today, and between today and tomorrow.

  • By crossing the Line, travelling from East to West, you add 24 hours for each kitten you have huffed during the last week.
  • By crossing the Line, travelling from West to East, you subtract 24 hours unless you have a fresh dolphin burger to hand.

Crossing the Line repeatedly by circumnavigation in a supersonic airplane is a method of time travel into the future, or into the past.

Another feature of the Line is that time does not flow when one is located on the Line. Inhabitants of the isolated ocean islands that straddle the Line do not age.

International Date Line and Entropy

Like all international borders, the Line falls under the control of the Department of Imposts and Tithes of the United Spades of Amerika. A tax, the Entropy Tax is levied onto all goods and persons that cross it. It is to be paid every Friday into a numbered Swiss bank account. Or else!

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