International Batman is Gay Day

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Super Homosexualist

PublisherDetective Comics
First appearanceStonewall
Created bySeth MacFarland
Real nameBruce Wayne
AffiliationsGay-Straight Alliance
Previous affiliationsDownLow
Notable aliasesDr. Girlfriend
Notable relativesAunt Martha
Notable powersBitchin!

International Batman is Gay Day is a popular holiday, celebrated by the fans of Oscar Wilde who believe that along with Shakespeare, Batman is a gay and has a relationship with Robin, which has not EXACTLY been proven, but certain things, such as birthday presents, mall purchases and certain assumed physical gestures have been gradually recorded over the years.

Batman panel - Robin what have I done to you

edit Gay or Bisexual?

While it seems rather obvious to them that Batman and Robin have had a long steady relationship, there are other reports by fans of Elton John which claim that perhaps batman swings both ways. From time to time, Catwoman has pinned down Batman, and since there is now a strange number of children under Catwoman's parental supervision, it may be taken to mean that there was indeed some business going on between them.

However, Robin was also subject to the same thing, and neither him nor Batman may have really consented to the sex. Therefor, they may still be homosexual lovers, and that has not yet been completely ruled out.

Either way, many avid Oscar Wilde and Elton John fans are proudly celebrating Batman's supposed gayness, along with many actual, proven homosexuals, who claim that Batman is a fantastic representative of their great lifestyle.

edit What happens on this day


Some proof of the popular speculated relationship (graphically engineered by Marvel fans).

The holiday takes place on April 5th, and the celebrations are sometimes synonymous with Gay Pride Parades, although some separate house and youth centers are centers of typically small Bat-parties, which typically involve:

  • Pinning the tail on the Batman
  • Bukkake
  • Conga Lines
  • Gunplay
  • Anal sex, in celebration of typical Bat_Villains villain origins
  • Musical Bat-Chairs
  • And the usual favorites, playing loud music, drinking heavily, fucking, and getting hungover the next day
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