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edit Instagram

Instagram is a way for all to share almost anything, whether it be food they're about to eat, to a picture with their friends, amateur photography, and slit wrists. These pictures are all taken in a square frame, but can be adjusted for people who need to fit that big, juicy Philly cheese steak into a longer frame to see it in all it's juicy glory. Among these features, filters can also be used to edit the look of the picture slightly, but people usually just remove them so they can write "nofilter" in their hashtags. It currently can only be used on iOS and Android phones, due to apples being way tastier than blackberries, and robots being much more bad-ass than Finnish cameras.

edit Origins


The current legal fight between Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram was originally created in 2010, by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Things went smoothly until 2012, when facebook wanted to buy out their hard earned business with 1 billion dollars of facebook's stock. Kevin advised Mike to hold their company, but facebook said they'd add a bag of gummy bears, and the duo had to cave in. It later turned out the bag was half eaten, and not even name brand. Mike told Kevin to just drop it, but Kevin went to court with facebook representative Mark Zuckerburg's uncle from Nintendo. The court has not made a decision just yet, so stay tuned.

edit Usage

Instagram is used by a lot of people. Because of this, people can host poles without anyone wondering why. A latest pole has shown that 2/3 of Instagram's users are female, and, while not scientifically proven, it is common belief 2/3 of the females are self-proclaimed feminists. Currently, there are over 100,000 active users, with a new account being made every second, yet 500,000 inactive accounts and 10 accounts being banhammered by nazi mods. each second. It has also been shockingly proven that places with no phones have not many Instagram users, while places with phones have more Instagram users. This shocking conclusion was made when researching Candy Crush, when the lead scientist asked, "Does Africa sell phones?" This conclusion has so far been involved as a key part of other scientific theories such as creationism, creationism, and how "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" hasn't bombed terribly after season two.

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