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Innocent until I say otherwise.”
~ Tommy Vercetti on innocence

Innocence is a concept first invented by the late serial killer John Murdoch (1812-1890). Innocence is simply the idea that one has not committed a crime at all and no matter the evidence they are free and shouldn't be put in prison. Innocence is widely regarded by many in the criminology field to be a very harmful plea that vile criminals can plead to escape punishment.

edit History

The first recorded use of innocence is in 1887 during the court of appeals hearing for convicted serial killer John Murdoch. Murdoch was appealing for overturning his conviction of quadruple murder of his family, at first he was claiming he should be freed because of his kind friendship he showed his victims before they were slaughtered. After having no luck convincing anyone of anything other than that he should hang sooner than ever, Murdoch sped off with his lawyer Donnie Cochrane to their meeting room. It was in this room that history was made, Cochrane a man who was considered the only black white supremacist, made the earth shattering decision to make the claim that John didn't commit the crime and thats why he should be freed. This was a lie, but Cochrane made the point years later in his autobiography that sometimes a lie like innocence is needed to save a man from death. Rushing back to bring the courts into session again, they made a final plea a plea which some consider to be one of the greater speeches made by a human being. Luckily unlike the modern courts full of corruption, the judges would not hear it. In fact they had a local sheriff come into the court room and drag Murdoch out to the hanging hill before the speech ended, with Cochrane still speaking as his client was killed. This would become common practice used until the liberal democrats took over the judicial system and made innocence a worthy plea against being sentenced for a crime you definitely committed.

edit Philosophy

The main philosophy which drives the idea of innocence throughout society is said to be "A moral system in which people who are different from you might actually be nice instead of vile subhumans. A good and bad instead of just bad." This philosophy has been largely misunderstood by the public due to the lack of funding for any research. Most lawyers constantly lobby congress to not look into a nationwide ban on pleading innocence, or at least a rewriting of our bill of rights to make sure it is clearly said that one is guilty until proven innocent. Most scientists agree that either of these things would bring down the crime rate by at least 75%.

edit Criticisms

Innocence is a topic which is widely panned by both specialists and nonspecialists across the globe. One of the most common criticisms of innocence is the infamous statistic which shows plainly that in the state of Nebraska there were absolutely no murders before the year innocence was allowed for use in court there, then right after its legalization when the state of nebraska was first put into any statistical data systems, there were murders everywhere. As one news reporter wrote, it was as if the government gave people the license to kill and rape children. As far as attempt to respond to criticism the liberal government has made the statement of no evidence, simply because they halt any and all research on the effects of banning innocence and whether it might stop mass shootings or other vile crimes which have gone up in numbers.

edit Research

Due to a loss of government funding or the possibilities of a blacklist for researching the dangers of legal innocence, most information is unknown. This is a changing trend, as the NRA has begun funding a research program that will be taking place outside of our countries boundaries. A program which will most likely be able to expose the large conspiracy, and give real answers about the horrific dangers innocence before guilty, and just plain innocence forces our children to suffer through. Tragedies which the communists no matter how evil, never had to face because all were guilty. Though we all know as soon as they began letting people out as innocent, thats exactly when communism became a problem for our country.

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