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"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, Prepare to die "

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Inigo Montoya is NOT a rip-off of Zorro and is NOT a walking stereotype of a medieval Spanish conquistador. Rather, he is a man of cunning, vision, and poor English skills, immortalized in his voice-acting work with Andre the Jolly Green Giant and the Dread Butt Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride, a film that follows a band of Hobbits in their quest to destroy the ring of power.

edit Inigo: The Legend Begins


The father of Inigo, Ricardo Montoyalban.

Inigo Montoya was a swordsman and a henchman such Vizzini. His father, Ricardo Montoyalban, was a great sword maker and granter of fantasy wishes, but one day a man with six schlongs, he asked him a special sword for men with six schlongs. Montoya's father put all the soul and effort into making the sword of the balls, even slammed him stones beautiful in the handle and was very nice but the price soared and the budget, what the six-schlonged man refused to pay the bill, instead he put the sword through the ass. Inigo had witnessed the crime and challenged to a fight to the six-schlonged man, but was easily defeated by who was only eleven. She left marks on her face and left to stay with the sword, and he smelled like the shit.

edit The Mask of Inigo

Devastated by the loss of his father, Ignatius devoted his entire life to become a great swordsman to avenge his father. After years of training at the five-fingered hands of Anthony Hopkins, Inigo has become the greatest swordsman of his generation, and the only man living to maintain the rank of "super swordsman" (one degree above "master"). He now wears a mask and an outfit of all black and goes by the name of "El Whorro" on odd days of the week.

edit The Word of Inigo

Inigo montoya

Montoya's cue cards

Inigo is a man of great accent, but little words. He has a greeting etched out on pieces of paper (on the other sides, there is a "W" for "Whorro").

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, Prepare to die."

edit El Legacio de Inigo

We do not know how, but it made him immortal and has roamed the earth since then. His trail is lost in the history until it changed its name to Jason Gideon, which is also the best actor in the behavior analysis unit of the FBI. Hotchner and Reid taught that does not require a gun to kill someone if you have a suitable profile, becoming the group leader at the time of preparing the behavioral profiles of criminals who faced. He helped Morgan and Reid with their nightmares, which were caused by the cruel cases of which occupied the unit. It is guiding the group in the profiling, and almost never wrong. It also presents a obsessive behavior, as each child who saves puts him in a photo in his office in Quantico, Virginia and says: "Hello I am Inigo Montoya, you did not kill my father."

He has a moustache.

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