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This unfortunate man is stuck in an infinite loop...


...and so is Hillary Clinton, screaming at Donald Sutherland screaming at Hillary Clinton screaming at Donald Sutherland.

Infinite loop Miley

Some actors, including Miley Cyrus, get stuck in an infinite loop at the worst of times.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Digi-Key?

Foreach (other use, see Infinite loops, use++).

“In Soviet Russia, infinite loop gets stuck in YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU...”
~ Russian Reversal on Infinite Loop
“You've got stuck in a moment, and now you can't get out of it.”
~ U2 on Infinite Loop
~ perl on infinite loop

(i = 1; i > 0; i++) - This is actually not an infinite loop, as depending on the data type of i, when it reaches its point of overflow it will revert to either 0 or some negative number.

Some people say the Universe is infinite but this has been disproved due to the fact it is far too confusing.

Infinite Loop in Art

Example: (sing aloud with great vigor)

 This is the song that never ends,
 It keeps going on and on my friends!
 Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, 
 Now they're singing it forever, forever just because
 This is the song that never ends....."


Infinite Loop in Engineering

Blue Ball Factory

If you stare intensively at this animation without break for about sixty years, it will turn into a painting of an old hag. It's true.



  // JavaScript
  for (var i = 0; i != 1.1; i++) {
    alert ('In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU!!');
 // ActionScript
 for (var i = 0; i != 1.1; i++) {
   trace ('In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU!!');
  // PHP
  for ($i = 0; $i != 1.1; $i++) {
    echo 'In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU!!';
  // Java
  for ( ; ; ) {
    System.out.println ("In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU!!");
 // Limp Bizkit Java
 while( true dat ){
   fo (int sho = 0; sho < 4; sho++) {
     Syztem.out.println ("rollin");
  /*  C */
 unsigned u;
   printf("In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU!!\n");
 // C++
 while(1) {
   std::cout << "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!\n";
 while true do
      print("In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!")
 ; Scheme
 (define (fu) (begin (display "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!") (fu)))
 ' Visual Basic
   MsgBox "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!"
 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
 for (;;){print"In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!\n";}
 #!/usr/bin/env python
 # Python!
 while True:
     print  "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops %s!!"%"YOU"*10
 -- Haskell
 putStr $ "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops " ++ cycle "YOU "
 // ActionScript 3
 for (var i:uint = 0; i == 0; i) {
   trace("In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops");
   for (var j:uint = 0; j >= 0; j++) {
     trace(" YOU");
 :Lbl 0
 :Goto 0
 echo -n "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops"
 while [ time ]
   echo -n " YOU"
 rm -rf * /



It is rumoured, that there are many other ways to loop in engineering. Some gurus claim they succeeded overheating their PC's and brains using such nonsense operations like "repeat", "do", "try", "while" or even bringing these statements in conncetion with "until", "each" etc.


10 PRINT "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU!!"
20 GOTO 10
@ REM Batch
ECHO In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU!!


@ REM Batch 2
ECHO In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU!!
goto start
# ruby
loop { puts "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU!!" }
#!/usr/bin/env python
#keep calling itself
def loop():
	print "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU YOU YOU YOU!!"

# won't this cause a stack overflow?
# gnu assembler, compile on linux
.section .data
string : .ascii "In Soviet Russia, Infinity loops YOU\n"
strlen = . - string

.section .text
.global _start
	movl $4,%eax
	movl $1,%ebx
	movl $string,%ecx
	movl $strlen,%edx
	int $0x80
	jmp _start

Infinite Loop in Theater

Groundhog Day (contrary to popular belief) is not an Asian based Sex Trade group nor the terrorist sect but rather a movie in which Thine God of Golf Bill Murray plays a person who is so high on drugs (most likely LSD) that he keeps waking up, and running into a wall. When he awakens, he believes he has gone back in time and repeats this in an Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop in Nature

There is a lot of examples of infinite loops in the animal world as well. Although different scientific publications describe many cases of animal looping, the primary research is focused on the looping operations between an elephant and a mouse. The EleMaus Looping Model designed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr... (red. notice: another sample of endless looping in science) Schrosch Tsihnjbulsky from the University of Essen in Germany defines following stages for the animal-oriented infinite looping:

1) Take an elephant,
2) Take a mouse,
3) Put the selected mouse into the proboscis of the selected elephant,
4) Stick the selected proboscis of the selected elephant into the anus of the selected elephant,
5) Run the selected mouse.

The simple, but effective EleMaus model, also called TTPSR-ENLM-1421DIN_C/43-12a-ISO9OOO-45EPv69 for simplification, describes simple symbiotic relations between two species in the animal world and can easily be transferred to other similar situations.

Another recently developed discovery in infinite loops has been made by reading Dr.Seuss Books. This is called, the Cat Sandwich Effect The following steps are required to obtain said infinite loop.

1) Take a cat
2) Take a piece of toast (buttered, and slightly brown, almost mulatto)
3) Tie the bread(butterside up) to the cat's feet
4) Drop the cat/toast mixture out of a very high point

Since bread always lands butter side down, and since cats always land on their feet, you get an infinite loop. Keeping said floating cat in a state of infinite looping will create a black hole.

See also Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats.

Infinite Loop in Daily Life

Rotundas sinal

Infinite loop in traffic

Another good explanation of the term "infinite loop" can provide daily situations. Following will describe many possible routines, that may be applied to the infinite loop in practice.

Infinite loops were thought to exist at one point in the human heart making you invincible, but then Chuck Norris ripped it outta God and ate it, ever since, we die eventualy. Except for Chuck Norris! All Hail Chuck Norris!!!!!

Situation 1

You can experience infinite loop by using your both mobile and stationary phone. Take the cellular in one hand and dial the stationary... Pick up the stationary and put it on your ear. You will probably hear some noises then, but never mind... Then shout loudly something like "Infinite loop, come to me!!!" and you will definitely hear strong feedbacks in the background. Your head may heat up and a splode, so be careful!

Situation 2

Another good impression of what actually infinite looping is can be delivered by putting two mirrors in front of each other. This situation has no practical use and will not be further discussed in detail.

The smart-heads from NASA actually found a practical use for this. Just put two or more mirrors reflecting each other and fire a flashlight to one of them. Free light, wheee! That should lower your energy bill.

One use for this infinite loop is seeing the back of your head. You have to position it just right, but it works. Another use is tricking morons into thinking you have a clone army ready for the republic to use (trust me I know from experience dude!), with 10, 000 more troops on the way, but this is cruel to the moron and doesn't always work. Please avoid doing the same with Jehovah's Witnesses!!!

Situation 3

The advanced method of learning infinite loop by practice requires hi-tech audio equipment. Switch the microphone to the device and bring it to the frontal side of you speaker. You will surely experience unique effect of acoustic infinite looping. You can also apply this knowledge to the approach already discussed in this article (see here) by simultaneous singing.

Situation 4

Take a video camera, especially an old one from the 1980s or 1990s. Make sure it is recording, and that the recording is showing on your television. Now point the video recorder at your television. This can be proven true in the movie Spaceballs. Go ahead and Google it, i know I'll win, you'll lose. I'm right, try me! If you don't have a video camera, stand between two full length mirrors arranged parallel to each other, to get a similar effect.

Situation 5

Click here.

Situation 6

When slinky meets escalator = OMG INFINITE FUN!!!

Situation 7

This is false.

Situation 8


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