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Erez Aisen

“I may have been born blind, but whenever I hear Amit Duvdevani sing, I wish that I had been born deaf instead.”
~ Stevie Wonder on Amit Duvdevani

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli "psy"trance duo (and an illegal drug in 26 countries), formed by Erez Aisen and Amit Duvdevani in Haifa, a missile range of Lebanon. Along the career they also got a Brazillian drummer and guitarist, neither of whom usually show up because they are too busy "with each other." The duo has garnered a large international fanbase of 16 years old trance kiddies. Infected Mushroom are known for their consistent sonic reverse evolution exemplified by the subsequent albums, the stellar The Catering (1999), The classic Testicle Mushrooms (myth or menace?) (2000), The clubby B.N.P. Emo On Phire (2001), The mostly crappy Perverting Vegeta-Aryans (2003), the totally stupid I'M The Stupid Vizier (2004), the boring-ass Bitches are Malicious (2007) the extremely racist Legs of the Black Swimmer (2009), and the most recent of all, and the lamest, Legion of Trees (2012) The decline of Infected Mushroom is blamed partly on copious consumption of cocaine from the buttocks of Duvdevani and partly on Aisen's child pornography addiction and the apparent need to get onto MTV.

edit The Good Albums and the Nature of Seduction to Cheese grated items

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Amit Duvdevani

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1999's The Catering was the breakthrough debut album for Infected Mushroom. The album featured a dark, rhythmic atmosphere exemplified in the song "Psycho" and "Release Me", both which used voice samples from box office bombs. The Catering gathered much acclaim and popularity among nerds, hippies, psytrancers and other cult members. This album was one of the first albums to bring Israeli psytrance to more 'mainstream' audiences that included up to 30 people at its height, and contributed to the gradually growing popularity of the crappy genre of "psytrance" world-wide. It also had an excellent track which sampled the fascinating art-house intellectual thriller Independence Day. The following year (2000) the duo released the second best album, also being one of the most well known albums in the genre today, Testicle Mushroom (2000). The album showcased a track often cited as their most popular track, Bust A Nut. This album is commonly referred to as "the last good album".

edit The Somewhat Good Albums with the side dish of Whipped Cream

B.N.P. Emo On Phire, was released in 2001, selling copies to everything on the planet at that time excluding Oscar Wilde. (Duvdevani was too busy snorting to realize him, and Aisen just stared at him blankly.) The album included new songs like B.N.P. Emo On Phire and Dancing with Muammar Gaddafi. Everyone (which of course, everyone but Oscar) claimed the album to be very clubby, in fact everyone was spazzing out for about 3 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes, and 1 second. This ended up in everyone forgetting various subjects and mass destruction across the globe. But because Gaddafi was featured in it and was in charge for that 3 days in a half, no one cared anyway.

Perverting Vegeta-Aryans was released 2 years later, and was actually, to everyone who listened to it, a big publicity stunt to advertise Whipped Cream. But it instead resulted in the band becoming your average porn geeks. Professors Oskar von Beneckendorff III und Shneeddle von Hindenburg proved this theory of Inverse Inspiration in the summer of 2003 with quantum mathematics and a goat.

I'M The Stupid Vizier was released a year later, and was the most contriversal. For one, Erez and Amit were making music way too fast. This started some prices to go Bat Fuck Insane. Another one was the quality of the music. Reviews state that 7% enjoyed the music, 90% were stuck in an eternal scream n' bleed phase, and the 3% were the girls that Infected Mushroom attempted to seduce in the process of the album being made. Finally, it kept advertising food, all 3 causes started a global depression that didn't last long because Amit and Erez finally got laid. Some trippy ass songs included I'M The Stupid Vizier, Orgies of the Future, and Puberty Breaks.

Infected Mushroom "toke" a 3 year break listening to Linkin Park and their thoughts on Freddy Got Fingered.

In 2007, Infected Mushroom released Bitches are Malicious AND Legs of the Black Swimmer. Many thought that Legs of the Black Swimmer was released in 2008 but Infected Mushroom can only take breaks so long and needed time to have sex with nemotoads. The release of two albums at the same time (secretly) upset the delicate balance in the Illuminati because it's important to note Infected Mushroom is not affiliated with the Illuminati because of all the crazy shit Erez and Amit pull off. This caused World War 5,342,482,337,666. The last three digits are familiar to you, no doubt. The result of imperfect revelatory transmissions.

Infected Mushroom hopes to kick the cocaine habit and spend less time on porn so that they can return to the glory days of time past, however Erez has stated in a recent radio interview that “we are past psytrance, we did that when we where kids.” And so the psytrance world will have to listen to talented producers instead.

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