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The Indianapolis Colts are a street gang of Indians that never seem to spread their proper message. As a result, they are often made fools of by the community at large. Many other gangs often look down on them.


The Indianapolis Colts actually hail from the land of Baltimore, Maryland and used to be one of the toughest gangs around, lead by their leader Johnny Unitas Statesus, who was able to keep most of the city, including the politicians, under their control. However, one day a member of the rival gang Pittsburgh Steelers came in and assassinated Unitas, forcing the Colts into submission. Eventually, Edgar Allen Poe wrote a poem that sent a new gang lead by Raven after them, and they were forced to flee Baltimore.

The gang was so poor at this point because they lost all their precious possessions that they were forced to move out west. They packed up all their belongings into a bread truck and moved to a land where there were very few gangs to bother them. They found it in what would become the future state of Indiana.

The Colts Today

However, when the Colts arrived, the land was infested with Jaguars, Titans, and Texans who were not willing to let them get their land. Led by Peyton-who-hunts-Manning and his laser, rocket arm, they were able to oust members of the other gangs. However, each year a new invader would come into Indianapolis (which is what the Colts renamed the city) each year and take over the town. However, Manning was able to whine to Oprah to send him reinforcements, and she would do so. As a result, the Bureau of Indian gangfight the fight where batteld beetween Patriots, Steelers, Broncos and Colts. They used their backwards Indian tactics to defeat the Bears in 2007 and win the Superbowl. Apparently bears don't have opposable thumbs and therefore cannot catch footballs. In 21 mars 2007 Colts star starting quarterback Jim Sorgi just said to media that he is about to go to the toilet for the first time without runner up Peyton Manning.

List of people and gangs who have beaten the Colts

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