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Index notation is something to do with mathematics, apparently.

edit What is index notation

See above.

Editor's Note: Index notation is a satanic form of mathematics, that has been modified by Einstein to create the perfectly evil notation system. It is pure and utter darkness and all who use it are tools of the prince of evil. Repent ye sinners, or depart into everlasting fire where men weep and gnash their teath.

edit Is that it?

No, there's more, but I've had a long day, and I can't be bothered trying to work it out.

edit So why this article?

I couldn't think of anything to write an article about, so I just hit 'random page' on Wikipedia, on the assumption that i could think of something funny to say about whatever came up.

edit So what's funny about index notation?

Not much, I guess. 'Notation' sounds a little like masturbation.

edit But not much.

No, not much. And 'index' doesn't sound rude at all.

edit You're being a little defeatist aren't you?


edit Well, maybe I can help.


edit Ahem. Sir, is index notation connected to Oprah in any way?

Hey, good call. I mean, 'why yes, my good man. Oprah has a mighty book, in which she makes notes upon all her enemies. The index of this book is therefore known as the "notation index."'

edit God damn it! I try to help you, and you muff the punchline!


edit You ass. Well, what did Oscar Wilde have to say about index notation?

'All women become like their index notation; that is their tragedy. So why not shake hands with a cold, gold KB?' ~~ Oscar Wilde

edit You goddamn retard. That's the best you've got? Finishing the quote with a slogan from an Australian beer commercial from the early 1980s? That has to be the single worst attempt at a pop-culture reference ever.

Ah, bite me.

edit Loser. If you can't make anything out of index notation, why not just hit the random page button again?

Okay, let's see... Oh. I got 'list of birds on stamps of Albania.'

edit ...Okay. Let's just call it a day.

day :D

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