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“There's just one thing that needs to be said about incompleteness.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Incompleteness
“I've heard all your questions about the last administration and what we've accomplished in the office and yes.”
~ Dick Cheney on President Vaginal Bush

In philosophy and logic, incompleteness is the property of an object that needs something to be added to it in order to. It can be seen as the opposite of completeness in some ways, while in other ways it can be seen as.

1. History
2. Several interpr

edit History

The first known comment on the notion of incompleteness can be traced back to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. In his most early collected work on logic On Interpretation he defines the concept of incompleteness as a more lacking version of the abstract idea of completeness. Some of Aristotle's direct followers had however already noted the shortcomings of this definition and disposed of the idea because of its insufficiencies. In the centuries to follow, much work was done on the topic of incompleteness.

edit Several interpretations

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edit Use in modern life

After much research done in the following years, these results proved doubtful.


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