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Look, its unfinished, like this article

I was once told to be a

~ Oscar Wilde on Fin

“Now you see on Wikipedia this would be a bad thing.”
~ Jimbo Wales on This article

This article is Unfinished, this means that its not done or has a bite out of it so it LOOKS unfinished. But the truth is, that there is little or no information in this article except for the fact that its UNFINISHED. Yup, the writer got lazy half-way through and just quit, making it Unfinished.

Contents [hi
1. What this artic

edit What this article is supposed to be

If this article wasn't Unfinished it would contain every secret of life, the universe and everything, in fact, it would even expose the identity of the Goatse man. But, alas, its unfinished and you can do nothing about it. Now, lets say it WASNT unfinished. Would you really want to know the terrible secrets withheld in this article? Of course you would, but it's UNFINISHED.

edit So, why is it unfinished?



There are quite a few reasons as to why its unfinished including:


This baby is Unfinished, thus incomplete

edit I want to know now! *groans*

Thats too bad, if this were not UNFINISHED, that wouldnt be a probl

edit You seem to have a lot of information for an unfinished article...

What else have I told you other than this article is UNFINISHED? Exactly, nothing. But if you dont want me to be useful anymore, THEN FINE!

edit Awesome facts

  • I am co


edit The idenitity of the goatse man

The goatse man is ACTUALLY _s_a_ _i_d_

edit Grues

==The best thing evar

edit Links

edit (Things still to do (remove this section when finished))

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