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Inala (Drugs Bro) is a desirable outpost in the municipality of greater Brisbane, Australia. Inala has a large multicultural community, 99% of whom work at InCorp, the local "work station" or as many outsiders call it "drug & crime house". Inala is currently in the middle of a cold war style stand off with nearby Darra. Inala's elders have enacted conscription to help the armed force grow and to deter any Darra based attacks.

edit History

In 1973, the nearby Wacol Aboriginal tribe went bankrupt after spending more than they earnt. The Aboriginals became disorientated and began trekking towards the local Islander and Maori community of Goodna. When the Aboriginals meet the Goodanites, they formed the coalition of Inala and put together a special fund. Ten years later in 1993, the Inala saved enough to buy a new section of land, to which they all moved to and began building shipping containers. But because of Australian law, the Inala were forced to welcome several other tribes into their new community. The President of Australia at the time ordered that the Brisbane Illegals Jail be decommissioned and all the inmates be put under supervision of the Inala people. So the Inala were given the unneeded burden of looking after numerous convicted bogans and Asians. But being the kind and generous people they are, the Inala happily took the illegals under their wing and began creating a vibrant society, which today lives in harmony.

edit Forest Lake issue of 1996

In 1996, Inala became slightly angry that a large corporation run by white people, using the name delfin, created an area known as Forest Lake. But the Inala soon realized that Forest Lake was being inhabited by Caucasian versions of themselves, otherwise known as white trash. The Inala shot caller linked up with Forest Lake to form InForLakCorp. InForLakCorp soon began working at full capacity, providing consumer goods for the entire Queensland region kinda like China...

edit Law and Order

Law and order in Inala is not how outsiders would commonly know it as. In fact, most crimes in the western world and indeed the entire world, are consider ok in Inala. Drug dealing and use is common among pre schoolers and most citizens become parents by age 16. Inala also has a "justification" law which basically means, if someone does something unjustified to someone, you have the right to kill them in revenge for that act, this usually ends up in terrible outcomes, this is why GLenAlA SHS (yo!) has no teachers. Education is also against the law and going to school, if you are found breaking the law a groups of gang and fall out of line you well have to get a visit by a shot caller know as BOOST or STOMP (otherwise known as INALA BOYZ) will "mess up your homes and your life"

edit Emergence of gangs

As in most normal outside communities, Inala has fallen victim to gangs. Gangs are normally formed by numerous social thugs, who either do not fit in or do not want to fit in in to the law or right in Australia. In the case of Inala, gangs are generally well respected and fit in well. Because of Inalas law, the gangs that reside in the community also act completely within the law. Some gangs include;But mostly fall into line when shot callers BOOST and STOMP give the orders

  • INALA Boyz
  • INALA ploice

edit Naomi Robson visit

In 2005, Naomi Robson visited Inala and attempted to rescue a child supposedly in danger. It turned out the child was in fact Shaquille O'Neal, who was hiding from Naomi in the community centre of Inala. A stand off occurred, with Robson suggesting to Shaq that they had been having a decade long relationship, to which Shaq violently denied. The situation was resolved, when under the justification law, Shaq picked up Naomi and threw her into the air. She was never seen again and is presumed dead.

edit Climate

Inala is often smoggy and all residents suffer asthma. The temperature in Summer is over 26 degrees C and in winter is below 25 degrees C.

edit Birth Rate

The birth rate in Inala has grown since its humble beginnings from 11,000 babies a year to 135,098 babies. Not all of these babies live past 1 day as the parents get confused and eat them (mostly from lack of food). The Queensland Government or Bloody Idiot Mungrals, to Inala citizens has become very involved in the stop the baby eating epidemic, starting education at a very young age on how/why babies are not food.

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