In Utero, for 9 months

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In Utero, for 9 months
Album by Andre The Giant
Release Date September 11, 1993
Recorded August 29(AM)-August 29(PM) 1960
Genre Prog Rock
Length 41:11 (U.S.), 68:58 (Europe)
Record label French Bread Records, Jesus Global Records
Producers Oscar Wilde, Jesus
Professional reviews
Kurt Cobain review 2/5 - "I died, recently"
Gene Simmons review 5/5 - "I made love 39272974293865 times to this album"
Yngwie Malmsteen review 5/5 - "I am swedish, i am in dusgust at this album, it is so beef it literally cut my fingers off so i couldn't shred!"
Andre The Giant Albums
Bread for the French sun
In Utero, for 9 months
“At first i thought it was a copy of my album 'In U Teh Row', but then i shot myself, this ended all questioning”
~ Kurt Cobain on In Utero, for 9 months
“I love this album, it is revolutionary, it is Grunge Frenchified”
~ Oscar Wilde on In Utero, for 9 months
“I 'eard ze grunge and i vanted to make eet Frunchified, I think with ma ethneec background I really bring ze issues to ze foreground, and not bury my ancestors underground”
~ Andre The Giant on In Utero, for 9 months

In Utero, for 9 months is the top charting album of 1993 from French political artist, Andre The Giant, this album is widely known as the album to give birth to 'Frunge' (a combination of Grunge and French). The album was written, recorded and everythinged in a matter of 5 minutes, this would be impossible had it not been for Andre's timetravelling abilities (these are also used on Dark Side of the Sudetenland's 'Us and The other Us'). Upon release 34, 000 bands began stating their genre as 'Frunge', though no other band has ever become successful in Frunge, this is a widely noted genre. The album reached a new record of sales, album and sales amounting up to 949,982,938,847,746,484,734,991 Billion sold, this is roughly thought to be the amount of stars in the galaxy multiplied by the amount of people living in France, it is often the topic of conspiracy theorists and led to the theory that Andre is an alien; as seen in the book 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Andre is from some weird fucking planet where they melt each others faces'.

Andre has been noted for screaming in French on the album, Andre said this "most people think that screaming is multi-linguistic, well if you do, you are a fucking idiot. I scream in my native tongue that sounds noticeably Frencher than the average scream". During the recording time Andre married French military advisor and whore-to-the-stars; Courtney Louvre. Interestingly this is the only time Andre has ever recorded with Cristophe Novasealike, the French musician who went on to become a politician, changing his surname to Clemenceau and causing WWII (in which Andre notibly killed 939,393,397,001 people not involved in the war and 3 Nazis in a large scale Shredathon at Berlin).

edit Track Listing

  1. "Serviced By Slaves" (Andre The Giant) 3:36
  2. "Odourful Feet" (Andre The Giant, Andre's Feet) 3:47
  3. "Baguette-shaped Beast" (Andre The Giant) 4:41
  4. "Zooey Raped Me" (Andre The Giant, Zooey Deschanel) 2:49
  5. "Zooey Deschanel Had Her Revenge On My Penis" (Andre The Giant, Zooey Deschanel) 4:09
  6. "Foreigners Are Idiots" ('I'm a bit french' - Working Title) (Andre The Giant) 2:32
  7. "We French Do Not Appreciate You Communist Monkeys" (Andre The Giant) 1:55
  8. "Milk It (My Mother's Breasts)" (Andre The Giant, Andre's Mum) 3:54
  9. "French Prefer Coffee" (Andre The Giant, Le Starbucks Orchestra) 3:37
  10. "Audio Friendly Heavily Distorted Frenchman" (Andre The Giant) 4:51
  11. "Toi'lets" (Andre The Giant, Andre's Feet) 1:35
  12. "Sincerest Apologies For Releasing This Record, Please Excuse Me While I Shred And Explode 19 Children In Africa" (Andre The Giant, 19 Children in Africa) 6:19
  13. [Bonus Track] "Oops, Bit French" (Andre The Giant) 9:11

edit Guest Musicians

  • Zooey Deschanel - Rape, Penis Dismemberment on Zooey Raped Me and Zooey Deschanel Had Her Revenge On My Penis.
  • Andre The Giant's Feet - Stench, Tap Dancing on Odourful Feet and Toi'Lets.
  • The Le Starbucks Orchestra - Orchestratic Behaviour and Alcohol Suppliers on French Prefer Coffee and throughout the album.
  • 19 Children In Africa - Exploding on Sincerest Apologies For Releasing This Record, Please Excuse Me While I Shred And Explode 19 Children In Africa.
  • Andre's Mum - Breasts in Milk It (My Mother's Breasts).
  • Jon Lord - Watched.
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