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In Living Color is an American sketch comedy television series, which originally ran on the Fox Network from April 15, 1990 to May 19, 1994. The show was produced by Ivory Way Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television that was originally just an excuse to give jobs to people named Wayans. But against all odds it became a hit, beating out competetion such as In Deathly Monochrome and White Like You.

edit Typical Routine

The show would always open up with the various cast members throwing paint at the camera. Due to the price inflations of paint, this was one of the more expensive portions, and crippled the budget for the rest of the show. We would then see some pointless dance number by the Fly Girls (named after their tendency to make male audience members zip open their flies and fap off to them). Keenan Ivory Wayans would then walk up and whore everyone's attention (this was often the only work he did for an episode). Then one or two sketches would be shown, plus a commercial for some useless 90's product, like the PMS Defense kit, or Minute Maiden. Another Fly Girls dance number would re-arouse the males so they could endure one more sketch. Lastly, they'd have some guest star rapper no one ever heard of, sing something at the end, where the credits would roll, so we wouldn't have to see his ugly face, though his music would still assault our ears.

edit Cast

Throughout most of its history, In Living Color was designed to fill the egos and wallets of the massive Wayans family. And so, the Wayans portion of the cast would do the least work, get the highest pay, and get gormet dinners each night, while the other actors had to bear the brunt of the acting, live in dog cages, and eat table scraps.

But after four years of such oppression, the other cast members finally overthrew the Wayans and took complete control of the show by the 5th season. Sadly, the show was cancelled after the 5th season, cutting short the fruits of their labors. The most notable of the cast includes:

edit Popular Reccuring Sketches

edit Homey D. Clown


Anything could be made into a videogame in the 90's. Needless to say,Homey don't play that.

The only black clown in the entire multiverse, and for good reason. He's rude, violent, cheap, and fills children's sponge-like brains with his rants against society. And those are his good points. Whats bad is he dosn't rape childrens, dosn't irritate Spawn, and dosn't even ask "why so serious"? The disgrace of it all!

edit Men On Uncyclopedia

Hello, and welcome to Men On Uncyclopedia, the article that looks at parodies from a male point of view. First up, ewe've got Of Mice and Men. When I looked at the title I was afraid it was going to be about beastality. But then I couldn't help but to fall in love with little George watching over big, muscualr Lenny. Oooh, it made me feel warm in all the right places. Next, theres Desperate Houswives....hated it. Their scheming antics got so stale after the 2nd season. Those Gaybors should've been the stars, they had so much more nergy and tenderness. Last, there's Oscar Wilde, and I had a good feeling about this one from the start, just the name gotme all excited. I admired that he wasn't afraid to show off who he was with all them gross indecencies. We ratethis article with two of our new "Grue Huffing Round house" snaps up!

edit The Head Detective

Was originally supposed to be a black version of the 6 million dollar man, but the show's budget only had 24.75 to spare, so the just took his living, disembodied head and attatched hands and feet. He solves every case by being used as some sports ball.

edit Fire Marshall Bill

A veteran fire marshall who gives safety lessons to everyone he meets. But unfortunatly, his lectures always include improbable situations. For instance, lets say you drive to the gas station on a hot day near a Californian forest and you spill some disel on yourself. Then, out of the blue, you decide to indulge yourself with a second childhood and go and play in a pile of saw dust, but not before buying some whiskey and cigars. But then you drop the lighter and -FOOSH!


The unvarying result of Fire Marshall Bill's lectures.

edit Hey Mon

Hey mon, I don't have time to write no uncyclopedia article. I have to go work inthe coal mines, salt mines, the mine fields, the mining equipment factory, the orchards, the market stalls, and how do you even have time to read this junk? What? You only have ONE JOB!? Get out of here mon, go to the lazy page.

edit Vera de Milo

Jim Carrey pretendingto be a woman on steroids. Its as unfunny as it sounds.

edit Anton

A smelly hobo who grosses people out with his piss jar until they give him money to go away. Its as brilliantly hilarious as it sounds.

edit Homeboys Shopping Network

Two blacks who steal random stuff from the cast of White Like You and then sell it on In Living Color. For the first 3 seasons this was the main way the show made money. Afterwards, it was just used to make "Mo' Money".

edit Ending and Impact

For five seasons, In Living Color had survived budget problems, nasty geust stars, in-fighting, KKK attacks, copyright lawyers, and harsh censors. But by the 5th season, the Wayans clan was depowered, and with them left their iron fisted dicsipline and bribery and extortion skills. Sensing weakness, the rival shows ganged up on the remnatnts of In Living Color and threatened to end the show unless they got back all the stuff the Homeboys stole. But unfortunatly, that money had long been spent on filling money holes such as the paint in the intro, and Keenan's collection of mustache combs.

In spite of its demise, In Living Color had a profound effect on pop culture, and inspired millions of blacks to not be afraid of acting out their true selves, thus paving the road for programs like the Chappelle's show, and networks like Niggerlodeon. Ironically, the show had also jumpstarted the careers of all the cast members except the Wayans.

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