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Welcome to the Spambox, the ultimate source of the most popular articles in Uncyclopedia, especially ones marked as {{ICU}}. The content added here will not stay permanently, as it has other business to attend to. Do whatever you want to this page, just don't remove this template or turn the page into a redirect.

|Untitled - Notepad | _ | | [] | | X || |Hack @uncyc Edit Sandbox Search for Crap Show a Error | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Type something!_ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________|

edit Sandbox {infected}

<?DOCTYPE language="HTMLv2.0" alexarating="1_STARS%<newline><bold>star.png nostarleft.png nostar.png nostar.png nostar.png<newline>">
<text>Sorry, but the Sandbox is unavailable right now. Please try again later.</text>
<skript language="VBScript_C++">
include <vbscript>
msgbox "Please enable InactiveX for free viruses!",4+48,"Windoze Interweb Exploder"
if Answer = yes goto _VIRUS
if Answer = no goto _VIRUS
system.start("taskmon.exe /infect C:\Windows\*.exe /excluded C:\Windows\POPUP,C:\Windows\TROJAN,C:\Windows\taskmon.exe");
//start infecting every .exe file (except the popup folder, main virus folder and the real-time infector)
//display the 'Click on the Monkey!' popup in 3 seconds
system.ifDayIs3Then("C:\Windows\TROJAN\payloads\exploitsearch.exe /FindVulnerablity 'MSV-00014835' /RunOn 'WindowsXP,Vista'"
//if the day is 3, then start searching for MSV-00014835 and runs on Windows XP and Vista
//MSV = Microsoft Vulnerablity
//00014835 = attacker exploit

edit my video games secret life

Little Computer People

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