If it is on the Internet it must be true

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Psychiatrists working around the clock to post lies about Scientology to various internet sites.

This article is not true...so is it true, or is it not true? The legends are true. If anything is posted on the Internet, it must be true! Like a magical book that makes anything written in it come true, so is the Internet. Anything that someone posts to the Internet, instantly comes true. This is like having three wishes from a genie, only it is more like infinite wishes.

I'm very rich and happy with everything I always wanted... GODDAMNIT!

'Note:' Many people might be able to tell this proof is a load of crap. For a more complicated proof, go here.

As shown by the following equation: Gamesonline+random-yourmom*popups/china=everything on internet is true

Everything on the internets is true because the internet is seen by so many people. As more people peer review a document it becomes more accurate; so the internet is always approaching a state where nobody lies ever.

If everybody believes so, it is so. You can force reified views to become physically concrete just by saying so or writing it in a blog. It helps if one says it lots and lots and lots and lots of times, and if people agree with it lots and lots and lots of times. By asserting something as physically concrete, one can cause physical events, in the past, present and future to change according to how one defines it.

Big ole dick


Some internet critics state that "Actually, anything that is posted in the internet is completely false...Except this critic...Well, I guess this critic is, too."

Ok, I'm very poor and will live a short painful life...

However, the internet being true is a huge lie, as is proven by the rule 'A guy in disguise unless proven otherwise'. Most girls who play games, watch Anime, watch porn or do anything like that on the internet are ACUTALLY guys posing. Simple way to prove this. Walk up to a female character in a internet game. Ask for 'her' to talk or send a pic or SOMETHING. They will run away from you, afriad of being found out. The original author of this author, SuperFreak is actually trying to cover up that she is actually a guy.

The New Zealand prime minister (of 2007) Helen Clarke is a frequent user of the rule 'If it is on the Internet it must be true', as she/he/it is a frequent perpertraor of being 'A guy in discuise unless proven otherwise'.

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