I just thought up a really good idea for an article, but now I can't remember it./Mint Jelly

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“Call me mint jelly, 'cause I'm on the lam!”

This is mint jelly. I hate it.

Mint Jelly is a stupid fucking condiment that has absolutely no value. It is a terrible paste, and terrible idea for an article. I hate this stupid schlop.

edit Mint jelly serves no purpose.

God this is terrible. Why does this shit exist? It doesn't even go on anything!

edit Mint jelly got in the way of my other, awesome idea.

And now, I'm screwed. I can't believe I forgot about that awesome idea. Jesus, what the fuck was that damn idea? God! COME ON! AAARRRRRGGHHHHHH!

edit Mint jelly sucks.

Fuck it. Just.... just, fuck it.

edit See how...

...this stupid crap ruins me

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