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ITSLYM master small

The infamous cover of Master..., which Bush claims to have done "all by myself with no help from Dick"

1987's Master Of Drunkards is the second album by "Tr00" thrash metal outfit I Think Satan Likes Your Mom.

edit Rippin' Off Metallica

This album is actually a complete ripoff of Metallica's Master of Puppets album, which was released a year earlier and was considered a landmark thrash record. Frontman George W. Bush decided that he would rip off a groundbreaking album because he thought "it would make Daddy proud!". In addition, bassist Les Claypool (who until the point of the recording of this album was showing no enthusiasm for ITSLYM what so ever) saw it as an opportunity to get revenge on Metallica after they refused to accept him as a replacement for original harp player Rick Moranis (Note: Moranis died in a bizarre Black Death revival thing that only infected him). Claypool was infuriated that Metallica left him stuck with this "Crappy poser band led by a redneck jackass". New members Scott Ian and Steve Vai did absolutely nothing except help write a few songs and record the album.

edit Controversy

When the album was released in February 1987, Lars Ulrich immediately sued the band for A Lot Of Frickin' Dollars because he claims that "[the band] ripped off my album, and I would have wanted the money anyway." James Hetfield demanded he get 1,000 dollars separately from the band, citing he needed more money to get into alcohol rehab, and Kirk Hammett demanded 5 dollars because Lars told him to. Metallica won the lawsuit but got accused of being sell-outs and racists for the first time. Immediately after this, the band's former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine sued the band for not crediting him for his own rip-off of Metallica's "Orion", "Artemis". However, nobody believes a word that little bitch Dave says.

In addition "The Dick That Should Not Be" caused controversy with lesbian rights groups around the world.

edit Track Listing

  1. Duracell
  2. Master Of Drunkards
  3. The Dick That Should Not Be
  4. Welcome Home (Salmonella)
  5. Disposable Condoms
  6. Sharing is Caring with Bombs
  7. Leper Diahorrea
  8. Artemis [Instrumental]
  9. Monsters Inc.
  10. Eyes Falling Apart (Bonus Track, Featuring Mike Patton)

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