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AAAAAA small

The album cover for AAAAAA!

AAAAAA! was the not-so-classic debut album by tr00 thrash metal supergroup I Think Satan Likes Your Mom. Released in 1986 on White House records.

The sound sample is available

Professional Review By Oscar Wilde

As anyone who follows the underground polka scene knows, 1986 was a landmark year for thrash metal. Extreemly fast, heavy, and influential albums like Metallicas Master of Puppets, Slayers Reign In Blood, Megadeths Peace Sells...But Who's Buying and Michael Jacksons Bad were released this year. What many people do not remember about this year in metal, was I Think Satan Likes Your Mom's debut, this album.

This album sucks, do not buy it even if they are giving it away for free (which most CD stores do).

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Oscar is 100.54% right. This album sucks major testicles and is a disgrace to the Tr00 metal genre as we know it. The question is, how did it get that way...

Actually, when you look at the lineup on this album (with the exception of Bush of course), you would think "LIEK OMGz dIS tHrAsH BaNd IZ sOOOO tr00 fo-shiznit!". However, the fact that Bush writes most of the songs brings the band down a lot.

The album features the bands first ever single "There Are Flies On My Testicles (Sucking Away At My Semen)", a slow death metal crunching type of song, add Bush's fake Texan accent and crappy, so-pretentious-that-it-ends-up-sounding-like-a-piece-of-crap-rant-that-Fred Durst-could-have-written-better lyrics, and you get the worst thrash song of all time. Bassist Les Claypool actually used the bass line from this song in his band Primuss hit "My Name Is Mud", and it is widely known that when you play ...Mud backwards, you can hear Claypool saying "...I really don't have that much money George...please..." in fear of daddy suing him.

Also anti-standouts on the album are the title track (one of the first gibberish rants), "Rigged Election" (which proved that Bush has ESP), "The Four Mechanix" (I don't think we need to explain this one), and the instrumental "Artemis" (perhaps the only good song on the album...because Bush doesn't sing on it).


  1. AAAAAA!
  2. There Are Flies On My Testicles (Sucking Away At My Semen)
  3. Rigged Election
  4. The Four Mechanix
  5. Your Money Is Mine
  6. Capitolism
  7. Satan Is Cool...Wait God!...I Was Just Kidding!
  8. Dick Cheney Has A Funny Name
  9. Artemis
  10. Fecal Consumption
  11. Flat Earth Christianity (Bonus Track)


The recording of AAAAAA!, along with all of ITSLYM's other albums, was recently chronicled in the new ITSLYM DVD, 2 Decades In The Thrash House. In the interviews and video footage it is revealed that Bush only played on a few tracks on the album, only during extreemly simple, slow riffs that were within his technical abilities. Bush commented "I tried laying the riff to 'AAAAAA!' and Dave and Dick were like 'dude, why don't you let Dave play it'. So thats what happened on every album after that, I played the simplest riff on the whole album and the other guy played everything else. I like letting other people do my parts. It's the mother in me." This is often attributed to the reason why many of ITSLYM's riffs are based off Metallica, and why ITSLYM are known for being even worse live than on the album.


  • If Track 1, "AAAAAA!" is rewound to -0:22, Dick Cheney can be heard complaining about the title of track 8. At -0:09, Mr. Cheney is (apparently) shot in the face. At -0:03, directly before the song starts, Bush can be heard saying the quote that the now-injured Cheney would make famous, "I thought he was a quail."
  • Track 5, "Your Money Is Mine," features backup vocals from Jesus Christ and the Sunshine Band.
  • Track 10, "Fecal Consumption," ends at 3:30, followed by five minutes of silence. After this, there is a hidden track called "Nucular" by diehard fans. The song outlines lead singer Bush's ambitions to be president someday. Of course, this is ridiculous, since no one would ever vote for him. Right?


Produced by Dick Cheney and Daddy, recorded at the White House.

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