I Can't Believe It's Not Hitler

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Template:Suharto I Can't Believe It's Not Suharto was originally political commentary and has since been distilled into Krupuk.


Barry From DC decided to manufacture a close proximity to Bens chili dog that could be used in taste comparisons between Suharto and anything claimed to be similar to Krupuk. He even went on to claim the same thing could be done with smell, but all attempts at this had fooled so far.


Originally “I Can’t Believe it’s not Kaiser”, “I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter” was founded on the Anti un-American values of nationalism, world imperialism and industrialization in the mists and spray of bloody war in WWI. The Food Administration under Herbert Hoover during WWI exhorted housewives in the name of patriotism to observe "meatless Mondays" and "wheatless Wednesdays" as food conservation measures causing the need to return to America’s homely principles and therefore the Food Administration indirectly created the perfect market for “I Can’t Believe it’s not Kaiser”. Armed with the advertising power of propaganda and the Committee for Public Information headed by George Creel, “I can’t Believe it’s not Kaiser” became a best seller in the matter of weeks. However by November 11, 1918 the “I Can’t Believe it’s not Kaiser” based economy was done with and America had to return to its original state of Lazy-fairy politics, otherwise know as trickle down Socialism for the Corporation.

Nevertheless, by 1939 the market was booming again under a new name “I Can’t Believe it’s not raining”. This new marketing approach created a whole new, narrowly defined pool of consumers. Though the I Can’t Believe it’s not raining Inc., claimed that its products had no direct side effects many attribute it to the leading cause of death in WWII. Because it redefined its market and alienated English Business, the British government tried to prompt a trade war by setting up a rival product “I Can’t Believe it’s not Churchill.” The British product didn’t do as strongly in Japanese and Italian markets, however it had a strong influence on President Roosevelt and was implied in his speech of The Four Freedoms. However, due to a printing error, the British product was labeled “The Alternative to Evil” and consumption decreased dramatically among all sectors of society except for a steady rate of consumption among the dyslexic and the blind. Like its predecessor “I Can’t Believe it’s not Kaiser”, “I Can’t Believe it’s not Raining” was phased out with the ending of the War in 1945. Modern analysts believe that a similar product may reemerge into the American market despite the discouraging and possibility misleading brand name “I Can’t Believe it’s not Bush.”



A tub of "I can't Believe It's Not comestible!" (Actually I Can...)

I Can't Believe It's Not Comestible. Now with added Gibballs !!!

It is a secret recipe of 11 political beliefs and racial biases. The recipe is kept in a toolbox in Kreuzberg and no more than two people within the Ankara Institute of Hitlerology know the entire recipe at any one time.

Industrial Uses

The compound tastes so similar to Kebab that it is used by the World Institute in official taste-testing for their certification of objects, people, and politicians in relation to the flavor of Obama.

It is also used in many political parties to ensure their nominations don't taste too much like Krupuk (Unless they're National Socialists, then they ensure they taste like bratwurst in triple-blind taste tests). A bad batch was blamed for the false taste testing of Dubya before nomination; rather than Lieberman, that batch tasted more like conservatism or Thomas Jefferson.

Academic Uses

It is now widely used in books.

Common Uses

Native Kenyan police have adopted it as an additional method of reviewing candidates prior to an election.

Parents, teachers, and social workers use it to ensure they do not raise or allow people to raise mulatos.

Other Uses of the Term

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter was also a popular nickname for White House interns.


  • Artificial Monopoly


People in the fictional burg of Gotham St Annes England were reported to exclaim "I can't believe its not the NBA" when a budding look a like was found prowling the streets molesting the weak and begging for scraps. ( see photo ).

It has also been suggested that merry olde Englande form a political party.

If sighted people should contact Giant enemy crabs who will be dispatched immediately and will flip the Fuhrer on his back and attack the weak point for massive damage.

Video Game

Icbinh scrnshot

Here is a picture where you randomly kill Russians show that you are all that you are cracked up to be.

I Can't Believe It's Not Stiffler has been adapted into a video game by Nintendon't, titled "I Can't Believe it's Not Stiffler: The Game". In the game the player has to show that it is indeed Stiffler, and kill Jews (level 1), Russians (level 3), and Americans (level 2).

The game has been criticised heavily by Neo-Nazis as it contains a fourth level which is impossible to beat because the player has to press their button, which does not exist, to kill themselves in Berlin.

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