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“"I.R. checkmate on I.R.! I.R beat I.R.! I.R. beat I.R.! I.R beat I.R.!"”
~ I.R. Baboon on his service in Stupidtown

I.R. Baboon are Weaselle's rivael! I.R. dimwitted, ugly, and ridiculed baboon characterizinged by I.R. intense stewpidity and hunger for attention, and he therefore despisinges Weaselle because of he are's success and talenting. I.R. main goal throughout series are to acquiring fame and surpassing enemy somehow, though his are utter lack of talent or skill presentings numerous disadvantagings in his are chances of achieving this entirely unattainabling goal. His supreme willingness to topping Weaselle may endangering him severely, and his unintelligence burdenings him with great vulnerability to hazards, leaving Weaselle to racing to his aid in many occasions. I.R. characterized by his are large, smelly red buttocks, the subject of ridicule on countless occasions, and he are residings in a dilapidated trailer outside of Weasel's immaculate mansion.

edit Voice

I.R. Baboon are voiceinged by Charles Adler, knowning for everything.

edit Who I.R. Against?!

I.R. Baboon are always againsting I AM WEASELLE!! [laughs stupidly] He are always wanting to being better than WEASELLE!! I.R. Baboon loving to being smart and victorious. HE ARE BABOON!!!!

edit Interestings

He are loving his big red butt, to sniffing his finger, and to doing stewpid things. I.R. LIKING TO WIN!! I.R. LOVING STUPIDITY!!

edit History

I. R. Baboon along with weaselle running the show I. M. Weaselle . I. R .Baboon always wanting equal or betterer share of fame as weaselle and diding everything in his are power to getting it (he are never didding until the series finale). Becausing of that, he becamming knowinged as the antagonist of show until Season 2, when Red Guy becamming regular character, Baboon were replacinged. Then he workinged alongside Red Guy, helping him with scams, or working alongside weaselle being a protagonist. In series finale, I. M. Legend, it turningss out, I.R. were really the star of show, not Weaselle, so his goal were acheiveinged after all.

edit Personalitie

When angeringed, he are to becomings very devious character. He are suprisingly cunning. He gettings offendinged when someone laughings at his buttocks (like red guy) but he never wearings pants to covering them. He are livivings in dirty run down trailer right next to Weaselle's masion. He no likie to looking at mansion. Christmas makings him happy because it are teh only time he are see familiee. Though Weaselle were never cruel to him, he were actually quite generous to him, Baboon (before season 2) were quite mean and jealous towarding him. He are detestinged him and blaminged everything on him. But now Baboon has changinged a lot.

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