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Hello <insert name here>, my name is Dancing dude, and I'm stalking you.

Really, I'm a fucking creeper. You've probably even seen some of my work.

If not, that's ok. I'm not offended (but I am still gonna kill you, so... er... yeah...).

Anyway, I guess you could try to hide. That's a natural reaction.

But I'll still find you.

Oh but that's no reason to be scared! You should instead be terrified.

I'm serious though really, don't cry. It's only death! It happens to everyone!

Of course this is a horrible, mutilating, slow and painful death... But that's besides the point.

All I'm trying to say is, there's no escape.

Because I could be anywhere. And I can see everything.

I guess that's kinda creepy if you really think about.

For example, I can see you, sitting there at your computer. Shifting uneasily in your seat. Looking behind you.

Ah! But It won't help <insert name here>! I'll still be coming for you.

Anyway, I'm not there. So don't bother.

Or maybe I am...

Right... Behind... You!

Ha! Gotcha! You should've seen the look on your face...

But seriously, I'm gonna kill you now.

Actually, first, I'd like to ask a favour of you, when I kill you could you try not to bleed so much?

I get really queasy when I see blood. So please try to hold back a little.


Blood Spatter

Eww! Look at what a mess you're making!

And after I asked you so nicely not to!

I mean, I can understand how hard it is to hold back, especially during a time of stress, but at least try to control your bleeding habits!

Anyway, I guess I'll let Lyrithya harvest your organs now.

Ha ha ha!

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Dancin' dude be breakdancin' on the blood

Gross! Now it's all over my hands! Why did I do that? Anyone have a wet wipe or some hand sanitizer?...

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