Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina was a hoax created by George W. Bush to get back at America for making fun of him so much. It "landed" in August 2005, and Bush thought he would be praised for pulling such a prank, but was still made fun of until he left office. The South, though, got the last laugh, and were given millions of dollars in relief funds basically for doing nothing.


Low pressure system

Bush used crappy Photoshop to make it look as if Hurricane Katrina was real

George W. Bush had only been re-elected for five minutes when people started making fun of him again. Bush was so fed up with being called "That 9/11 Guy" that he decided to pull a prank on America for making him look bad. He confided in his mistress Condoleeza Rice about this idea, and she readily supported him. Like always.



The Government used special computers that made people in the South leave their homes

The Government provided Bush with a special computer that only Southerners could hear that made it sound as if a black person was making fun of them. When the sound was played in August 2005, nearly all the residents of the South left their homes to find who was doing it and beat the crap out of him.

The "Hurricane"

After the Southerners were gone, Bush blocked them from re-entering the South for several weeks, and began destroying the houses there and scattering them around the area. This made it look as if a mighty hurricane had struck the South, which was exactly what Bush wanted, the sneaky bastard. The Government made up a list of people who had "died" (they were really taken away to use as guinea pigs in government experiments) and allowed the South to return.


America was heart broken by the sad images that appeared on television, while Bush cackled evilly at his desk. Unfortunately, America believed the hoax too much, and sent money to the South for "relief funds". Bush put off telling America it was a trick until 2008, which was far too late as America didn't care what the fuck Bush said at this point.


Because of all the money the South is getting from the idiots across the country, they have evolved into a lazier sort of being, which is demonstrated as they have not cleaned up much. Some cities, like New Orleans, have just given up on ever looking clean again. Many people in the South will claim the hurricane was real, but this is only because they want more money. And we've just GOT to have money.

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