Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really

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'Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really'

Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really is an album by half-French, half-robot, half-human, and the official Left Hand(s) of God, Daft Punk. This album was released in early-2005 and was recorded in 6 months. The album's title was appropriately named this way because of Daft Punk's Discovery of finding out that they are actually robots in human bodies in robot costumes. The album gained massive success for being created in six months which was considered extremely long compared to other albums that were recorded in six weeks. This would also be the last album made while they were virgins.

edit Background

The album was announced in an interview in 60 Minutes by Diane Sawyer. They explicitly explained their song from their keys and tempos to why each song is named specifically the way that they are named. The album was #2 on MTV's Most Anticipated Albums of 2004 and 2005. This would be the first album to not have the album cover feature the album's name. Master Chief from Halo also helped with the production saying "I know what it is like behind a mask, and I want to show the world that I am human after all! Then again...not so much...really..." Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really depicts a more calm, non-rock nature that surprised even the deepest of Daft Punk fans. On/Off was the longest song Daft Punk has ever produced and Thomas from Daft Punk states that the song seemed to brew from his childhood and his awful middle school days.

edit Lyrics

The album gained a huge following for being the first Daft Punk album to feature no song where the vocal contents contained repetition. Guy-Manuel even states, "Have you heard "Robot, Then Again, Not So Much, Really, Rock"? The funny thing is that that song was made on my Windows 95 but I forgot to let [the computer] cool down so all I heard was 'Rock...Robot Rock...' and I was like 'I'm not going to repeat this. It's so cliche." Emotion, Then Again, Not So Much, Really is also noted for not only having the same lyrics but no individual word in the song is repeated in the span of seven minutes and fifty-six seconds. Another thing that is noted is that the album-titled track on the album "Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really" expresses the struggles of misunderstandings between man and machine. The song actually follows a standard "Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus" pop structure.

edit Controversy

This album has received much controversy upon release.

edit Cyborg

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'Cyborg Of Teen Titans'

Cyborg of the Teen Titans claimed the song "Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really" was directed at him, promptly hearing the song on its release dates. "Now, I am a big fan of Daft Punk and I loved all of their albums and not once have they insulted their fellow bot/human hybrid. All cyborgs such as myself should be very insulted by that song. I would have murdered Daft Punk if they repeated that horrific lyric 'Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really'." Cyborg then released the songs, "Prime Time of Your Ability to Sleep", "Tech-no logic" and "Robot Rock Maximum Overkill" which parodied their songs and accompanied subtle shots directed at Daft Punk. Three months later, he and Daft Punk settled their differences and released music videos to their songs, with revised lyrics.

edit Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu

Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu said "The album depicts that Daft Punk not only is self-aware of his robot/human hybrid build but dismisses it. I'm still deciding whether to kick them in their stupid Toys-R-Us helmets or choke them both out" or at least that is what we thought he said as no translator was around so we used Google Translate and filled in the gaps. Due to his irrelevance, Daft Punk did not care and simply replied "Haters gon' hate" through Twitter.

edit Emo Claim

Although a very reserved and careless group of people, one emo fourteen-year old declared that Daft Punk's "Emotion, Then Again, Not So Much, Really" song was a sign that Daft Punk had turn emo. She even stated, "Have you ever seen their arms? Exactly."

edit Reception

The song has received positive reviews from many top critics. Dorian Lynskey of The Village Voice claims that the album is an "ambiguous and vague tease that laconically gives us a taste from the enigma known as Daft Punk". Barry Walters of Rolling Stone says that "the album subconsciously emits a epic, amazing sound, repeating their riffs elaborately rather than exaggerate their robotic tendencies." Q magazine states that the album lacks the guitars from their later albums but replaces it with their signature synthesizers and miscellaneous recordings like in Homework. Taft Punk Mag states "Disco? Actually, Kind Of, Hadn't Thought About That's dark and "close-minded" music is replaced by "an pop-like, spectacular techno-hip hop that feels borderline-"like being high on weed" and basically incredible." Ollie Williams who is usually a chatterbox and very verbose states in a terse way, "Yes." but quickly redrew his statement after being sued by the WWE for copyright infringement.

In a negative outburst, Matthew Weiner of Stylus Magazine says that the album doesn't sound like its older work, even stating "I've loved songs like 'Around The World', 'Daftendirekt', 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' and 'High Life' and none of them repeats, at all, and none of them repeat like [the songs stated above] because they didn't need to. We want the old Daft Punk back."

Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really was nominated for the Oscars as best movie soundtrack for Interstella 555.

edit Track Listing

No. Title Length
1 Human After All, Then Again, Not So Much, Really 9:15
2 The Prime Time Of Your Life (The Blue Screen Of Death Anthem) 3:24
3 Robot, Then Again, Not So Much, Really, Rock 7:44
4 Solar Powered Flashlight 2:25
5 Make Love, Then Again, Really 8:44
6 The Brainwasher (Co-Written By <insert name here>) 8:04
7 On/Off 9:10
8 Trolls Rule The Nation 7:44
9 Touch It (Chipmunks Version)(Extended Mix) 4:44
10 Emotion, Then Again, Not So Much, Really 7:56
  • "Touch It (Chipmunks Version)(Extended Mix)" features heavy sampling of "Touch It" by Bust A Rhymes
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