Huddersfield Train Station during Stewart's Chancellorship election campaign with propaganda displayed on the main building. Loudspeakers played Stewart propaganda night and day, where he was begging to be taken seriously as a Shakesperian actor and academic. Stewart then went on to kill the Mayor of Leeds United football club.

Huddersfield (pronounced 'Udder's field.) thinks that it is the capital and administrative centre of West Yorkshire. There has been a settlement at Huddersfield since the early Iron-Age. The famous landmark of "Castle Hill" was an Iron-Age fort, but never a castle. A castle like tower was built in 1899 to celebrate the death of Wham, the 80's pop sensation that wont leave you alone until you 'Go Go'.

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Huddersfield's most famous inhabitant is Jean Luc Picard who doesn't actually reside in Huddersfield, but is from the place for working class heroes known as Mirfield, which is fairly near Huddersfield but not actually in it. Patrick Stewart is the former Chancellor of Huddersfield University, replaced by a more pompous HRH Prince Andrew. The famous slapheaded luvie, who is now too greedy to appear in any more Star Trek films, likes to see his face plastered all over the town.


Huddersfield first rose to prominence in the early 20th century, when engineers decided to build a railway line between two nearby places that actually matter- Manchester and Leeds. Due to engineers' fondness for building train tracks in sort-of straight lines, the track ended up running through Huddersfield. The ill-fated decision to place a station on the line in Huddersfield led to the opening of one of the busiest refugee routes in British history.

The largest and greatest area of Huddersfield was Lindley until it was discovered that Lindley had been moved over to Bradford in the back of a Ford Transit van. The town of Huddersfield lies in the Colne Valley, where the surrounding hills give an excellent view of the permanent yellow smog that hangs over the town. To the east lie the tourist attractions of the ICI complex, the shopping complexes and Leeds Road, the main escape route out of Huddersfield.

Hud uni

Huddersfield University


Huddersfield in Bloom: Pandabody Lane Municipal Park, a riot of colour in high summer.

Huddersfield UniversityEdit

Huddersfield Pretend-University, do me a favour! This half baked educational establishment started out as a technical college in the 1930's. With much pleading and begging it was allowed to become a Polytechnic.

Working on the correct assumption, that no one in their right minds would want to graduate from a Polytechnic, when so many Universities were around, it became one itself a few years ago.

A local competition was held to choose a name for the new pretend-university. One of the entries that came top of the list, and was nearly chosen, was

First University College of Kirklees.

The University is now busy churning out high quality hairspring triggered Social Justice Warriors, graduates in Kylie Minogue Studies and Humanities. Much like the Ford Motor Company, who make thousands of cars that no-one wants to buy; in the off chance that sales might pick up. The graduates of Huddersfield University go into long term storage at the local dole office (that's unemployment or social security to non UK people).

Students UnionEdit

Like most student unions, this one offers safe spaces for hideous fat girls who are terrified of being raped Definitions of rape include:

Saying "Good morning, evening, afternoon"
Being male

The Student Union had occupied several buildings over the years, moving regularly so they can enjoy an expensive downgrade. The current building is based on a popular local abattoir with a stage the size of a dog's arse. The Student Union enriches the local culture by assiduously refusing to admit anyone who isn't a student.

Intellectual CentreEdit

The economic and intellectual centre of Huddersfield lies between Honley and New Mill. It is approximately 5.7 centimeters long and a light brown colour.

Insane AsylumEdit

There also used to be a local looney bin, Storthes Hall. We're not talking small rural nut-house here. This place was huge, thousands of beds and sprawling over many acres. Well, it shut down a few years ago. All the loonies were dumped on the streets (aka the "Care In The Community Programme", aka "Let's Save A Few Quid By Crapping On People Who Nobody Cares About").

Guess who bought up all the padded cells and electric shock therapy machines? - yeah, that's right, Huddersfield Pretend-University. They wanted to convert it into a "Student Village". No need for any adjustments to the site then.

Huddersfield on TV Edit

Huddersfield has become a favourite location for trashy TV productions. Here are a few world-wide hits filmed in and around Huddersfield:

Where The Heart Is
A turgid series filmed in Slaithwaite (Sla'wit to the local slack-jawed yokels). About some nurses, I think. Never watched it.
Last of the Summer Wine
This series, filmed in and around Holmfirth had been going for so long that you had to kick the cast occasionally to check they weren't dead. The lasting popularity of this shamefully unfunny series is a testament to the rapidly plummeting taste and discernment of the UK population.
The League of Gentlemen
Filmed around Marsden and Hadfield. Superb satirical series. If you haven't seen it, watch it.

Public TransportEdit

QuadDeck Bus

Huddersfield's unique buses can carry up to 300 traumatised residents and visitors from the town to safety per journey.

This multi-purpose building in the Town Centre is used as a bus station, public lavatory, emergency shelter for the homeless, walk in rape centre, rest area, cafeteria for those not too fussy about salmonella, drop-in centre for fuck-witted and cash dispenser for muggers.

Huddersfield is renowned for its excellent public transport. A popular and well know sight in and around Huddersfield is the quadruple decker bus that ferry escaping visitors out of Huddersfield every year. Even more well known are the buses that head out towards Wilberlee, in which the smell of fecal matter slaps you in the face like mustard gas as soon as the doors open.

Dog ShitEdit

A convenient, and cheap way to get around Huddersfield, is to tie two dog turds to each foot and skate. The thoughtful inhabitants of this Yorkshire town always ensure a plentiful supply of dog eggs for visitors.

Tourism and IndustryEdit

Hud int

A familiar sight to tourists. Huddersfield International Airport.

Huddersfield's main industry is students. With a cheerful predatory smile, the locals welcome these young hopefuls from all over the country, and from around the world (I kid you not, there really are mountains of foreign students).

According to the hit single by DJ Q and MC Bonez, Huddersfield's main industry is in the business of creating "bitches-and-Hoes". This basically means that every family is required to have children until one is attractive enough to become a slag, then apply for cheap dancing roles in bad music videos filmed outside the popular tourist attraction "Pets at Home".

Fuck the FrenchEdit


Huddersfield's one-fingered salute to the French.

Not only does Huddersfield have a world-famous actor, but the tallest free-standing structure in Europe, Emley Moor Transmitter (pictured). The locals say it is visible for literally miles around, but that is mostly a testament to high-quality psychedelic drugs. There is a small blue side-plate containing raspberry jelly balanced right on the top.

The Transmitter has been the cause of armed conflicts between Huddersfield and neighbouring Leeds, Bradford and even the inbreds on the Manchester hills.

The Duke of Wellington's Regiment, which prominently recruited from Huddleston, trounced Napoleon. Moreover, the Emley Moor Transmitter, at 1084 feet tall, is 100 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower. So France can shove both those facts up its arse.

Kirklees Metropolitan CouncilEdit

This is the final resting place for the displaced Storthes Hall residents. Racked by an unnatural lust for traffic lights, this council is erecting over 9000 sets every week.

The perpetual traffic jam on Leeds Road holds the world record. No vehicle has successfully escaped Huddersfield for 187 consecutive days. The council employ zombies (jobless students) to patrol the area around Ainley Top roundabout to ensure the mortal enemy, Calderdale Council, do not make it alive into Kirklees Controlled Territory.

Law EnforcementEdit


By order of High-Lord-Chancellor Patrick Stewart, all police forces must carry a Klingon Bat'leth.


West Yorkshire Police (1991) 769 cc Fiat Panda patrol car - the cutting edge of crime-fighting technology.


1994 "Mark 5" Ford Transit 'chav van.' Notice the highlighted drivers side door to help the fat-arsed coppers get in the correct side for driving.

Huddersfield is policed by West Yorkshire police force which are one of the most technologically advanced and highly trained forces in the country.

Each officer is equipped with the latest and greatest in crime fighting technology, including:

  • Big Boots
  • Frontal Lobotomy
  • Large Stick
  • Pile cream to treat the piles caused by sitting around on their fat arses all day.

West Yorkshire's finest, and probably the most fuck-witted coppers in all of Christendom (except for those in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, who will actually sell you weed), were former residents of Storthes Hall, home of the terminally insane.


Apparently, there is a football team in Huddersfield called Huddersfield Town who annoyed their neighbors Leeds United by escaping the second tier of English football and going into the Premier League after winning in the play-off final against Reading after the German POWs from Castle Hill were drafted in to take penalties since the English were incapable.

Education for commonersEdit

One of the most notable and prestigious educational establishments of Huddersfield is Newsome High School, once a selective state school before being reformed in 1806 to serve the local inhabitants of Ashenhurst and Lowerhouses. (as well as other notable council estates within the Huddersfield area)

Today Newsome High is an under-funded state secondary school with 36% of the student population currently on police bail (and awiting trial) with a further 15% serving some sort of custodial sentence. GCSE Pass rate A to C is below 50% with students usually graduating to Kirklees college or HMP Wakefield.

There is also "All Saints Catholic College" which we admire and respect (if we called them bible bashers, we'd get shot in the face).


Hud school

Here's a typical Huddersfield school. Note the security to protect the public from the pupils.

There is only one thing to say about this scrotal sack of a place and that just so happens to be the exact same thing God said to the Welsh when they asked Him for sheep: "Here you are, now go fuck it". Sheepridge has the largest number of drive-by shootings in the world, on average 15.6 a day. The average age of the common burglar in Deighton is 7. Deighton's only police officer, locally known as "BELL END", kicks the shit out of the juvenile miscreants and then takes them to their loutish drugged-up parents and tells them the local paedo attacked them. This then leads to anyone in the area who innocently waits for their child by Deighton Primary School being stabbed and pissed on after being accused of touching kids. Any person to be simply passing Deighton will get shot if driving or, if on foot, mauled by the top dog in Deighton known as "Yayo", a 12 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier that is well know for its random acts of scaring most people it meets purely due to its big head.

Famous People and DeightonEdit

Patrick Stewart, aka "Captain Picard" aka "Pompous Twat" has never visited Deighton, though we are sure he would love to pop in for a cup of tea and a digestive.

The Great Skelmanthorpe Chip Shop Famine of 1878Edit

During the early hours of the 18th January 1878, a large fire broke out in the peeling room of the Selwyn Froggit Fried Potato Emporium. The ensuing fire claimed the life of a valued Jack Russell Terrier and a few local peasants. Due to the locals' complete dependence on the fried potato emporium as their only source of food, as many as 300 members of the local population died during the following winter from famine. When the chip shop was finally reopened on the 17th June 1879 the remaining locals held a 3 day celebration commonly know as Skelmanthorpe Feast. To this day Skelmanthorpe Feast is celebrated every year on the 17th June, culminating in a parade of local children dress as chips and at the head of the parade the leader of the local parish council , dressed as a battered fish.